I Reckon The Vampire End Is Near Already!

By Poisoned Twinkles

A/N: I'm here to be honest. And helpful. Please forgive my mean-ness. :P

There is a limit as to what my brain could hold when it comes to this literary nonsense you call 'fair' fiction. Insulting as it may be, the truth is imminent: Enough with the overused love stories between damsels and blood-sucking people! I'm not here to control (even though that's how I appear) but I'm here to enlighten your minds on the true sense of which we call literature.

First off, why do you people bother to write about that kind of stuff anyways? It seems catchy and attractive, yes, but do you honestly find it still interesting when you've read the same kind of stuff over and over again? Judging by the summaries I've looked at (and some actual pieces I've seen), it all screams the same thing to me: CLICHÉ!

Second, why not try of thinking of other things to write? Instead of supernatural vampires, why not write a love story between a dragon and a real human? Or a cloud nymph and a Sun god? Or maybe even a monkey and a mermaid! And if you really want to go further and eradicate the romance, why not make a horror story about clowns? For goodness' sake, there's so much other stuff out there! XD

Third, I'm sure a lot of people here wrote about vampire-love-stories before the Twilight saga went boom! all over the world (so sorry if you're one of those) but what does it accomplish other than entertainment? If your only purpose to write those stories is for people to enjoy and uphold the goodness of perfect vampires and girls in distress, then learn the fact that literature has to have a reason, a moral, a LESSON. Whether the lesson is as simple as 'Accept yourself' or as complicated as 'Achieving true and unconditional love and happiness', there has to be one. Or else, the story would be useless to those who don't enjoy the same category and genre (for example, a nine year old boy who wants to read comics instead).

Fourth, try to keep your writing different, at least. You want to write vampire stuff? Fine! Add twists! Make the lead a guy who falls in love with a girl vampire instead! Use a different point of view! Insert poetry from time to time! Make one character homosexual! Create a new fantasy world! Add a little bit of sci-fi! Put humor! Lessen the sappiness! You get my point, don'tcha? I can't stop you from writing what you want, but I can at least give you suggestions.

Lastly, I'm sorry for being so judgmental. However, this is supposed to be an informal essay on what my opinion is. And right now, my opinion is very mean.

So what am I really trying to say? I'm saying improve your ideas. Be more original. You have the power to do so; hence, release your pen and let the words flow~! :D

A/N: If you want to prove me wrong by making me read your story, please send me a link. I wouldn't mind reading it to see if my judgment is correct or wrong. In fact, I'd be pleased to know this piece made you ponder on your writing quality.

If you want to get angry with me, or flame me, go ahead. After all, I was unfair with my judgment ;))

If you agree with what I wrote, thank you. :3

If you don't give a rat's arse, lol to you then XD