Forbidden Fantasy

Chapter 0 [Prologue]

An optimistic 18-year-old sat on the floor of her cozy little room, sorting out files of her high school life.

She had 4 colored boxes, each representing a year of high school.

Green for freshman year… Yellow for sophomore… Red for junior and blue for senior…

It was the middle of the summer she had graduated…

'I still can't believe high school is over…' She thought to herself as she put another paper in the blue box.

She picked up another paper and stared at it for a few seconds.

She giggled as memories came flooding back to her.

It was the first A+ she had received in her favorite subject from 1st year.

Science laboratory. It was fun, exciting, it let your creative juices flow, and she really enjoyed practical work much more than sitting down, listening to some lecture and taking down every word the teacher says.

Not only that, the teacher of that certain subject…was her very first love.

And, he still is her only love.

She sighed, thinking how pathetic she was being, still in love with the same guy after 4 long years.

She placed the paper into the green box and picked up a familiar looking notebook under the mess of sheets.

It was her diary from her freshman year.

She beamed as she flipped it open to the first page to reminisce…

To be continued.