A/N-Sort of a companion piece to "Fragmented" but you don't have to read it to understand this one. The reason I say that is because this has the same basic idea as "Fragmented" but with a happier twist to it [which is VERY rare when it comes to my poems so enjoy it while you can. :) ] Anyways, the similarity wasn't planned but just kind of happened and here's the end result. Hope you enjoy! :)

Love and loss and things Between

Too busy waiting for
Someone else to come save me.
Too caught up in a whirlwind
Of "what- if's" and "maybe's".

Chasing after dreams
That were dead from the start,
Too busy to notice
That I'm falling apart.

We're all looking behind
To see what we've missed,
So focused on
The ambiguous.

Never paying attention
To what's up ahead.
We're all too set on
Roads behind, instead.

Well, what good is that?
We're losing precious time.
And what's left of our lives
Is an up-hill climb.

Stop looking behind you
To mourn what you've lost
And start looking ahead
To the bridges you'll cross,

To the people you'll meet,
And the few that will stay.
To those you will love
Or lose along the way.

To the good things you thought
Couldn't happen to you.
And all the hard times
You somehow made it through.

Remember it's never
All done for nothing,
And you'll never make it
If you stop trying.

Each second that's passing
Is another breath gone
And we've lived in regret
For far too long.

So shake off your fear,
And step into the unknown.
Because wherever you go,
You won't be alone.