he's got a smile like the sun

and the eyes of a siren,

drawing me in with an inaudible song


he seems to never see me

but when his eyes meet mine,

a spark we didn't know was there ignites


his smile means the world to me,

its sunshine fanning the flame

that seems to burn so bright between us


i don't know what i am to him

if nothing more than just a friend

but i can wait forever if i must


someday i'm gonna ask him

for something i'm not allowed -

i'll ask him to go dancing with me


and if he says no (like he should)

i'll saunter off, though not surprised

because that's what he's told me before


but if hopes and wishes pay off

he'll agree to go with me

and it will be the best night of my life.


a/n: sadie hawkins dance next month. i've somehow been convinced to ask out the object of my affections... who has turned me down before. why am i so confident in my ability to not die of embarrassment? because for some reason, i get the feeling that maybe this time, it'll be different.