Bittersweet Truths and Fallen Inheritance

~ Chapter one: Running away and Drake~

I looked out of my attic room window, seeing something cold and white falling. Snow. It was beautiful, pure before anyone touched it, formed perfectly by nature.

My father, Mike, glanced at my attic room and snapped, "What do you do up here you ungrateful brat?!"

I flinched and continued to stare out the window as the snow fell slowly, as if mocking me for being imperfect, for not being my twin brother, Daniel.

"I draw, paint, and write poems and stories up here, sir." I whispered softly, speaking to him like he told me to do when I was four.

My father glared at me, turned, and left, storming down the stairs, cursing me under his breath.

A lone tear slid down my pale cheek. I didn't know what sadness was, all I knew was the pain of being cast aside for who my parents was perfect, Daniel.

I was four when I was first ignored.

I was laughing as my hands tried to catch the smoke coming from the fire.

Daniel was beside me, watching and copying me, as if he wanted to understand why we couldn't catch the gray, wispy smoke.

When suddenly, Daniel began to cry loudly, I turned to see a red burn on his leg. I cautiously placed my fingers over his burn and my hand began to glow a pale purple color. When it stopped, and I pulled my hand away, the burn had healed.

"Daniel, are you alright!?" my mother, Susan, cried as she ran towards us.

Daniel smiled and said, "Don't worry, Mommy, it's gone now."

Susan smiled and said excitedly, "Oh my precious Daniel has started to use magic!!"

Daniel frowned, "Alexis healed me, not me."

Mother scowled," No Danny, you were just confused. Alexis can't use magic, she doesn't have any."

She said that like I wasn't even there. I remembered the pain and the tears I had cried that day. I pulled my legs closer, hugging me, searching for the warm comfort, I knew somehow, was there.

Why? Why did they hate me so much? I felt a prickling sensation behind my eyes and I knew I was going to cry. So I couldn't be Daniel or perfect. So why can't you accept me for who I am. Tears slide down my face, dropping to the windowsill.