The Forest is Alive

It was nearly midnight. A lonely girl was walking through the forest. This was the time to think about life.

A wolf howl.

It was so dark, that the girl could hardly see were she was going. The forest was so quiet… so dead.

Suddenly she tripped. Only now, lying on the muddy forest floor, the girl could finally feel that the forest was alive. She could hear a stream, somewhere behind the trees. There were animal footsteps heard from the dark. Everything felt so strange, but yet, so familiar. Maybe she was born to be wild, or maybe this was just one of her thoughts.

Another, long, sad wolf howl.

And then the forest was filled with a painful scream. It echoed, and then finally died away.

The next morning, the girl was nowhere to be found. Just blood.

That one night was, and will always remain a mysterie, to you, me and everybody else, who dares to read this.