My Wolf Boy

"Visiting the past is something like visiting a foreign country: they do some things the same and some things differently, but above all else, they make us more aware of what we call 'home'."

John Arnold

Chapter 14: Ratiocination

Her body submerged in ice-cold water instantly making Aurora shift to her human form. Aurora choked on water, coughing and hacking as she fought against the strong currents threatening to take her under water once more. Her eyes barely can see where the small but strong river was taking her, making it impossible for her to gather her bearings and swim towards land.

She heard a howl, but it was at once cut off as she went under.

Aurora moved her nearly numb arms and legs. It felt like she was moving through mud, stilling her movements to kill her ever so slowly.

Swim, swim!

Her body started moving by itself, fighting for life, for just a small breath of air that could push her past death. Aurora's head broke the surface and quickly she fought against the currents trying to push her downstream, and swam right towards shore.

There were moments where her body froze and was pushed even further downstream. But she made it. Her foot felt the sand of the crook and power flowered through her body. A grunt escaped her lips as she strained herself to move.

Once she reached land, Aurora retched. She vomited water, shivering under the cool winds and beating sun. Strength, that was once there, now seeped away from her bones and she collapsed onto her back, staring up at the sky as her chest moved up and down rapidly.

Mate, mate!

Aurora's head tilted to the right, noticing that Orion was there on the cliff overlooking the river.

Despite not having the strength to even breath, Aurora pushed herself to her feet. Never taking another look at Orion, she turned away from him and moved into the forest, ignoring Beast as it whimpered and yipped.

Her knees buckled and her step faltered, but she did not stop. The softness of her feet was pierced by the roughness terrain of Mother Earth. Because Aurora had transformed into a wolf, which had been out of her control, she was now wandering through the woods as naked as can be. Aurora frowned as she took notice that she had been naked a few too many times than usual. This was either becoming a bad habit or it was just when she needed to escape that she did so naked.

She merely sighed and crossed her arms over her breasts, hiding them from the wood's eyes as she continued forth.

The sun dried her body, warming it from the chills she had. Her wretched blond hair was now dried. In one way, the river dip had been nice since three days of travel without a single moment of shower or bath was utterly disgusting. Now…she felt somewhat clean. Somewhat clean.

Aurora, though, was warm to some extent she kept her arms over her breasts, paranoid that the squirrels that were looking down at her from their nesting were chatting about her too skinny figure. Pshh, as if she wasn't concern enough.

Mate, mate!

"Shut up," Aurora growled to Beast.

Safe! Mate, mate!

Surely, she wasn't going insane. There was no way she could be. She had gotten this voice-psychic thing when she had turned into a werewolf. Aurora was going to need her father in on this to analyze her mind. Maybe she might get him famous for her very unusual mind. A pang hit her heart at the ridiculous idea. She wanted her father, her family. The edge of Aurora's lips tugged downwards at the thought of her family and pet. She had even missed that Chihuahua of hers! What was the world coming to?

When tears cascaded down her face, Aurora wiped at them angrily. She will not be weak. She will be strong.

She will be strong for her family, if not for herself.

Time passed and the sun became sweltering. Aurora panted, coming to a stop when she finally came to a realization that she had no idea where she was heading or where she should go. Her head swirled around, taking note of her surroundings. An animal instinct bubbled up within her and she found herself smelling the air with her head tilted upwards. She cursed and immediately stopped smelling the scents the wind carried.

Wolf, wolf! Danger, danger!

A very annoyed sigh was only heard.

Aurora stopped walking, sitting on a smoother boulder as she thought about her whereabouts.

She had to go a different direction than Orion. He had always been heading up north, and the only way she knew that was because somehow she had ended up from Arizona to Montana. Talk about a weather difference.

It was stupid if she went immediately south. He would be looking for her and that only meant she'd get captured again.

Maybe she should walk in a circle?

Her body twitched with a grunt and her stomach growled menacingly. It had been, what, days since she last ate. And from the sharp twisting pain from her stomach, she was pretty damn hungry. She'll take a small rest and then continue walking somewhere that'll give her clues about the directions.

Aurora stretched out her legs and flexed them, letting out a small moan at the pleasure of stretching the tense and unused muscles. A purr escaped from her lips but was immediately cut off when she noticed it. It bothered Aurora that the animal nature within her was freely coming out as if it were natural.

It wasn't.

Wolf, wolf! Danger, danger!

A rustle of a few leaves grasped Aurora's attention.

She jumped to her feet and turned, growling as she did so. The pack of wolves before her stiffened at the sight of her and tensed at the sound of her growl, but trembled at the smell of her. The four wolves at the back looked at the wolf up front, their alpha, as if patiently waiting for a response.

They weren't normal, natural wolves. True wolves didn't hold the smell of human skin. They didn't have the intelligence and understanding in their eyes.

This one's did.

Aurora stood with her legs tensed and arms bent, ready to run. When the alpha started the familiar signs of morphing, she started running.

Barks went straight into the air. Her ears picked up the sound of a man whooping with joy before she seriously started to book it. Paws that were heavy with danger and deadly with precision pounded on Mother Earth's ground with an intent that radiated the area. Aurora was pretty sure that whoever the wolves were, they did not want to stop for friendly talk.

They stunk of human blood.

"Come on," she panted, feeling that her human body was too slow to outrun the wolves and man. "Shift!" She demanded, almost whining with desperation when she didn't turn into a wolf.

Wolf, wolf! Danger, danger!

A heavy weight tackled her back and sent her flying forth.

She hissed when rocks and small sticks scraped her front side. But that didn't stop her from fighting. The moment her body stopped sliding painfully on the ground, she bucked the animal off of her back and swiped at it with a hand that already had lethal claws at the end of her fingers. Aurora snarled, picking herself up to the ground and kept her eyes and ears on the crowd that gathered around her. She growled when the alpha, who was still in his human skin, approach her.

"Well, well, well," the leader walked towards the circle around her. The two in front of her parted, allowing the redheaded man to enter. "What do we have here?"

Aurora didn't answer.

Her leafy green eyes took in the sight of the rugged appearance of the man. Beast told her that he had been rogue at one point of his life, and that he was an immediate danger when sighted. If Aurora had been in her wolf form, the growl rumbling in her chest would be never ending and the strands at the back of her neck would stand up and straight.

Aurora bared her teeth when he took a step closer.

The beta of the pack shifted, warily staring at Aurora as he addressed his alpha, "What…what is she, Reid?"

Reid closed his eyes, completely unfazed by the danger of the creature before him. He inhaled the air before him, studying it and analyzing it as a computer would to a virus. A sickening grin spread across his face when he realized what was really standing before him. "You're a rare one, indeed."

The grin on his face made Aurora uneasy. When she shifted her foot to dart out of the circle, the wolves around her growled in warning.

"What do you want?" She asked, her hands itching to cover her nudity.

"Well," Reid had started with a smile. "I had wanted a quick hunt for my…small pack and I, but it seems as if my want has changed course." And with those eyes staring at her, she can only guess what it was he wanted.

Aurora narrowed her eyes. They darted around her, searching for an opening. "Come on, shift, dammit," she whispered beneath her breath, depending on her very words to turn her into the animal she rejected before. And now, she couldn't even hear Beast's words.

"Can't shift?" Reid asked. "I thought ancient werewolves could shift within a blink of an eye and at will, and that they had the ability to conjure two forms unlike the modern werewolves, unless that, too, was a fable of my childhood along with Santa Claus." He laughed humorlessly.

"Ancient…ancient werewolf?" Aurora frowned.

"Yes, the first breed of werewolves that was supposedly suppose to be extinct, but apparently not unless my eyes are deceiving me." Reid chuckled, clasping his hands behind his back as he walked around Aurora who kept a strong eye on him. "The only way you can really tell is if they have the scent of old magick."

His beta sniffed the air. "She's not tainted. Her blood is not mixed with an ordinary werewolf."

"And how is that? How is it that there might possibly be a pack of ancient werewolves here in modern times?" Reid questioned. "Your breed, the original Lupus, the Lupus Versipellis, should be extinct. How is it that a perfectly, pure full breed Lupus Versipellis is right here before my eyes?"

A bad feeling washed over Aurora. She stiffened when the wolves around her started closing in. "I…I don't know!" She yelled, bunching her muscles to get ready to jump.

"Wrong answer, little one." With a flick of his finger, the wolves jumped in on her.

Aurora screeched like a wounded animal, feeling fangs latch onto her arms and legs like chains. An ugly snarl from her was heard but ignored as the werewolves held her down fiercely. Aurora thrashed in their grip feeling blood, and smelling it, trickle down the wounded skin. She panted harshly, looking up at Reid with eyes full of anger.

"A weak Lupus Versipellis, but one nonetheless." Reid combed his fingers through her hair and was rewarded with the empty click of her teeth as she attempted to take his fingers. He merely laughed until she lunged forward with the little strength she had and ripped a good portion of his thigh with her canine fangs.

Aurora tore herself away from the wolves that held her down, releasing another shriek of pain as her skin lie open. Quickly, she jumped over one of the disoriented wolves and streaked across the forest ground. A yip escaped her lips without her consent, calling for her mate before she plunged into the dirt. A high-pitch squeal of pain came from her as the wolves attacked her relentlessly with their sharp fangs and claws, and brute strength. They pushed her into the ground, refusing to allow her to pick herself up and run.

"Don't kill her!" Reid ordered, watching from the background as the hunters of his pack attacked the little, albeit young wolf to render it defenseless. "I want her weak, not dead."

Her words were drowned from the growls and snarls. Aurora helplessly kicked out and threw her arms around, hoping to fend for herself from them. But she couldn't. She felt the breakage of her skin and smelled the copper scent of blood permeating the air. Without turning into a wolf, she was just as good as dead.

Mate, mate!

A yelp from one of the wolves caught Aurora's attention.

Orion bellowed a roar that sent flocks of birds into the air. Fur sprouted from his skin; his jaw lengthened to a sickening degree as his rage crept higher and higher.

He saw red.

His beast was released.

Orion threw himself at the four wolves, pummeling them with his meaty, animal-like hands. Though they quivered in fear and whimpered their submissions to the terrifying two-legged, wolf-headed ancient werewolf, it was no use. They had his mate's blood coating their mouths, writing them off a death certificate that was personally signed off by a psychopath. Orion pitilessly shredded their ligaments from their bodies, much like a gorilla enjoying its kill, and throwing it around, allowing their body parts to rain down upon them.

The beast relished in their pain, hissing for more, seething for revenge. It was only fair and by law that they should pay in equal punishment because they had touched his mate.

And just when Orion was about to go for his third wolf, a strangled cry broke the bloodlust clouding his vision.

Two wolves had been dismantled cruelly. The other three were holding severe wounds, barely escaping when Orion had been distracted by Aurora's cry. Their leader took one glance at him hunkering over his female before darting off with what was left of his hunting group.

Mate, mate!

Aurora sobbed, crawling on her torn body as she whimpered away from the beast before her. This wasn't Orion. This wasn't the black wolf that he had turned into.

This was a monster.

The creature that was following her as she dragged her body on the floor was something that came out of bad, corny horror-supernatural movies. But now that it was before her in real life, it was just as terrifying as the C+ actors and actresses portrayed. Orion had turned into something that would forever haunt Aurora into the afterlife.

The colossal creature stood well over eight feet. The body was human-like with the defined muscles of the abdominals, pictorials, triceps, biceps and shoulders. The legs were as thick as a tree trunk, strong and meaty. It wasn't shaped like a man's leg, but more like a canine's. Black fur dusted over the muscles, thickening around the hips and chest, including the buttocks. The somewhat man-like body was finished off with a wolf's head: dripping fangs, eerie black eyes and pointy ears.

It was the perfect depiction of a half man, half animal.

And it petrified her.

Aurora shook her head, sobbing harder than ever as she attempted to crawl away from the beast. Small shrieks and screams were heard when Orion transformed to his human skin. She started crying full out when he ignored her futile attempts to push away from him as he embraced her battered body.

"Please," she sobbed pathetically, shaking her head back and forth. "Please…don't hurt me!"

Orion's chest rumbled with the intent to comfort her as he sought to his mate. He nuzzled her neck, which was more than bared to his attention than usual. He pulled away from her and studied her shivering body that oozed with fear. A whine escaped from his throat at her odd body language.

His mate responded it with a stifled whimper.

Ignoring her odd behavior, Orion leaned down and started licking her wounds. He tensed his muscles, holding down his little mate when she started to spasm in his arms. He released a growl of warning and was immediately rewarded with a slack body. As he continued, Orion cleaned each wound, putting special attention to each and every one until they closed naturally, leaving her body without a single scratch. She had fought and even attempted to escape, but with the little strength she had, there was nothing she could do. Once she had even snoozed off as he was showering her with his licks.

As soon as Orion finished tending to his mate, he leaned towards her jaw and nipped at it. He nuzzled her neck, purring his affection when the fear had dissipated from her scent.

Mate, mate!

A sense of security and safety washed over Aurora. Her mind struggled with Beast, fighting against it with logical reasoning against blind acceptance. But Beast merely squashed down her and continued to yip that annoying word: mate. It was as if Beast was trying to comfort her with stating the obvious fact that Orion was there to protect her.

For her, it wasn't working. For Beast, it was all she needed.

Aurora peeled her eyes opened to see Orion staring down at her with those serious obsidian eyes of his. She, or shall she say Beast, leaned her head back and purred as he washed her throat with more attention.

A very sharp bite to her earlobe made her yelp.

"No more running, mate," Orion murmured, skimming his lips against the outer shell of her ear. "No more running." Of course, it wouldn't be enough. Orion knew that. He was going to have to teach his mate a lesson. But that could wait till later.

He stood up, in all his naked glory, and picked up his mate to stand on her feet. As soon as she was stable, Orion was about to turn and scent out the direction where he left the panther when all of a sudden his mate walked up straight to him. Her small body pressed up against his, rumbling in all it could as her nose skimmed along his collarbone as she enveloped her arms around him.

Suddenly, his mate jumped back with a look of annoyance and crossed her arms over her chest. A second later, terror froze the air and soon his mate was shifting restlessly, inching away from him.

"Mate," he called out, grasping her arm and pulling her towards him. When he had the attention of those green eyes of hers, he stated, "Do not be afraid of me."

Aurora ducked down her head, unable to help the quivers running up and down her body.

"I will not hurt you unless there is reason."

As if that was going to make her feel better. There was always a reason. Aurora ducked her head down submissively, and didn't peep a word. Exhaustion set deep into her bones, riddling it brittle with worry, stress, fear and hunger. She ignored it, setting a small distance between her and Orion as he set out the direction back to Gypsy.


Monster, that's what he is. He's a monster.

And that was what she was, too.

Aurora's fingers dipped deep into the softness of the flesh of her upper arms. Her eyebrows burrowed as she continued to mentally talk to herself. Sweat started to break out at her forehead.

How could she return home now? Aurora saw what Orion did to those wolves. What if she did that to her family? What then? It'll be World War III, but this war wasn't going to have an ending. Aurora feared that Beast had a bloodlust as Orion did. She's seen movies. She's read stories. Skin-walkers, shape-shifters, were-animals, and creatures of the night always were exposed as demonic, savage beings. She didn't need to do research about it to know it was true. Orion basically proved all those points.

There was no way she can go home now. If she killed her family over a simple sight of the full moon, there was no way in hell she'd be able to forgive herself.

To be fighting so hard to go back to her family and now being unable to do so made Aurora depressed. She sighed, sniffling as tears collected at the bottom of her eyes at the thought. Sure, she had the power to return home and was more than capable to return in less than three days. But now, she had a dangerous set of teeth and nails.

A soft sob tore from her lips. She saw Orion falter, but continued steady on.

It was a solution to a problem and a problem to the solution.

She was now stuck with this life she was forced upon. And stuck with her psychotic, wolf-man kidnapper. She completely depended on him with what she had manifested.

This was her new life.

Sullen and completely sapped from her strength physically and mentally, Aurora followed Orion with a heavy cloud over her head. Perhaps it was the shock doing it for Aurora that had her following him like a mindless robot. But other than that, she didn't feel like doing anything else now that she learned a few more information of what she exactly was.

When they returned, which took two hours at most, Gypsy was still perched on the same boulder as before with a very pissed off face expression. She even had their clothes neatly folded and piled at the foot of the boulder.

The panther said nothing, but the aura around her said she was more than irked at being ditched more than twice for the last twenty-four hours.

The trio started walking towards their destination after they were more than prepared.

Soon enough, they reached life. It was the small town Orion and Aurora had run into as wolves last night. About twenty minutes ago, Orion had made a sharp turned and continued forth until they finally escaped 'the wild', as Aurora liked to put it. Aurora was nervous for the first few minutes, feeling that people would be staring at her and pointing at her as if they knew she was the wolf that had caused a ruckus yesterday.

But nothing happened. Everybody continued with their business and left everyone at their own.

She frowned when she saw Gypsy walking towards a bar.

Gypsy twitched her nose, scenting the air that was too familiar to ignore. "I'll catch up with you guys later." She merely said and disappeared through the entrance. When the beefy, square-headed man, who stood near the entrance, tried to stop her from entering, Gypsy simply smiled coyly and the man responded it with a sickening grin, much to Aurora's disgust, before they entered.

"Come, mate," Orion ordered when Aurora stared too long at the bar.

She pursed her lips and followed after Orion. Her green forest-like eyes studied the back of the wolf-man, scrutinizing the muscles of his back (which were plainly seen through the tight, dirty, Old Navy, navy shirt he wore) and saw them tensing. His head was bowed low, scouting the area through eyes that can only be seen as deadly and nothing more. It was then Aurora realized that he was searching for something, or was it a someone?

After a couple minutes of walking, Orion made his decision and walked towards a fast food burger joint just across a mechanical car shop.

Orion entered the burger joint with Aurora in hand. He dragged her over to a booth and pointed to it. "Sit," he said. She did as so. He fished through his pocket for the money he stole from the drunkards in Ohio (which he miraculously still had) and handed it to her. "Order whatever you like, but do not leave this place until I come back." His dark obsidian eyes watched her. "Do you understand?"

She nodded numbly. "Yes," she whispered.

Satisfied with her response, Orion turned heel and left.

Aurora sat there, feeling the rock hard cushion on her back. She recognized the place; it was McDonald's. A sense of familiarity made a rush of relief flow through her. Slowly, she got out of the booth and ordered food. Once she had gotten it, she returned to her seat and opened the bag. Immediately, she covered her nose with her hand and almost retched.

The smell of each little organism and object rushed through the sensitivity of her nose. She smelled the salty fries, the oil sliding around in the cooked meat, the urine stains in the bathroom as the man opened the door, the vomit the child spilled as he heaved near the playground, the old used bloody pad behind the women's bathroom door, the sweat on the bodies suffering in the heat of Montana. Aurora bowed her head, holding her hand over her mouth and nose as her hair covered her face. Gods, how can she deal with this with the rest of her life? All the disgusting, revolting scents swept through her, greatly making the possibility of hurling in the restroom plausible.

Then there it was: musky, thick and strong.

She lifted up her head and instantly met with two pairs of eyes, both green and blue.

And every part of her body stiffened, even before they made way towards her. Her fists were on the table, clenched to a painful point as the two slid in the booth opposite side of her. All three were quiet for a moment.

"What are you doing on our territory?" The one with a baby face asked. His red hair was flattened down as if he had worn a hat before entering the burger joint. A few freckles spread across his face, but other than that he was dangerous. He had his elbow on the table, leaning his chin on the palm of his hand lazily; but there was nothing lazy in those emerald eyes of his.

Aurora was silent. She looked to the other who was picking at her fries.

Mine, mine!

A dark growl erupted from the depths of her chest as he ate one. No one should touch her food, no one. Realizing what she did, Aurora coughed, trying to cover up the growl. If she didn't get a hold of these animal instincts, to the asylum she goes.

He looked up at her in surprise. His blue eyes sparkled with amusement and concern. "What are you doing here all alone, pup?" He said.

Aurora was still silent. Suddenly, the wave of stench hit her again. She gagged openly, sticking out her tongue as she hurriedly covered her mouth and nose. Her shoulders hutched forward, moving every so often in a movement that told the other two that she felt urge to vomit. Once the phase passed, she took in a deep breath and leaned back against her chair. Sweat doused her forehead. "I…I was sick a couple of days ago." She gave an excuse to their questioning looks.

The blond quirked his eyebrow then turned to the red head. "Seth, she's…" He broke off and looked at her. "Jesus Christ, you're unstable," he commented.

Her bold green eyes stared at the blond, shaking her head. A defense mechanism crept up her spine, but she quickly squashed it down. "I don't know what you're talking about," she said quickly before grabbing her burger. With trembling fingers, she unwrapped the foil from it and took a bite, trying to show the two that she was right in her mind and not unstable.

The red head frowned. "Where are you from?"

She said nothing but drank her soda.

"Look, you're in our territory and we're capable, and have every right, of interrogating you, torturing you or running you out. Now what is it going to be?" The blond leaned in; all play gone from his face. "What's it going to be?" He repeated.

Aurora refused to answer. Though, she admits, they were scary, they had nothing on Orion.

The red head rose from his seat. "Gabe, let's grab her and take her to Shaun. He'll deal with her."

The blond, Gabe, rose from the booth and that's when fear ran through Aurora. When he grabbed at her upper arm, she placed her hand upon his and looked up at him with fearful eyes. "I…I can't leave," she said quietly, turning her head to the entrance as if expecting to see Orion waltz through and save her from this mess. Though she wanted to get away from Orion, she couldn't live without him. Especially not with the way she was.

"Who?" The red head, Seth asked. He grabbed Gabe and made him sit down in the booth again.

"What?" Aurora asked, fearful.

"Who's keeping you here? Who wants you to stay here?" Seth asked again, leaning forward.

Stay! Mate, mate!

Aurora closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip. "He wants me to stay here. Orion wants me to stay here," she cried, putting her hands on her face, trying to wipe off the tears. "I can't leave without him. I can't live without him." Tears cascaded down her face and onto her lap.

Seth turned to Gabe and frowned. "Are you in a pack?"

She only shook her head, unable to understand what he was asking. Seth took the silent answer.

"Are you a rogue?"

Her tear-stained face lifted up at him. "I…I don't know what I am." She furiously wiped at her tears. "I don't know what I am. I was human, dammit! I lived a normal life! What the fuck!" Aurora screeched, banging on the table with her fist. The table groaned with displeasure, cracking under her unknown strength. Spider-like webs slithered across the table from the heavy weight of her hand. A couple of people turned to look at her at the loud bang. "Now look at me! I'm just some fucking dog! I can't even go home anymore, goddammit!"

Within a split second, Seth and Gabe stood up and grabbed her arms. They started for the door while Gabe was waving to the people. "Don't worry! We have this under control."

"Take your theatrics somewhere else, Gabe!" The cashier shooed, calming a few of the customers down. "I told you to never film your stupid movie projects here. Get out!" At those words, the customers ignored the three, allowing them to do whatever the hell they want because they were 'doing a project'.

Gabe smiled and winked at the boy who was a part of the pack and knew what was going on. "Will do!" Immediately, Seth and Gabe carried her out.

Mate, mate!

Beast started to whine.

Aurora immediately started to panic when she realized that they were taking her out. "Wait! No, no, no, no! He doesn't want me to leave! He wants me to stay here! And, and, and I didn't even get to eat my burger and fries!" She started bawling, crying loudly and harshly as a child would. "That's the first decent meal I've had in a long time! Don't take that away from me, too! I'm so hungry!" And as she cried, her limbs went weak, giving in to the strangers. Aurora just cried and cried, not caring that they put her in the back of the car. She just slumped against the backseats, planted her face into the cushion and wailed.

Gabe looked over his shoulder from the passenger seat, concern. "Do you think she's alright?"

Seth merely sighed and turned on the engine. "Let's just take her to Shaun and sort this all out."

"Orion…Orion…" She whimpered, sniffling as she raised her face from the seat. "I can't leave without him. I'll die without him." Literally, she'd die from the knowledge she did not have from this freakish infection. Aurora had to prevent herself from turning into the same exact psychopathic man as Orion was. "I can't leave." She protested weakly.

"You can't leave." Seth said over his shoulder, shifting gears and reversing the car. "Under our law, you're as good as ours until we can determine what's going on."

"Yeah, once you and whoever-the-hell-he-is are good in our book, you'll be released. No worries," Gabe informed with a cute smile to the slumped woman in the back.

"Aww, shit," Seth cursed.

Gabe turned to his best friend. "What?"

"There are two of them. And if they're in a pack, there's more." Seth hit the steering wheel. He immediately lowered the window and started breathing in deeply for another unknown scent in his hometown. It was bad enough they had one unknown wolf on their territory, but with another one, it wasn't good news. "Call Shaun and report him that there's two or more wolves in our territory."

"I'll just call everybody. They'll be on look out."

"Good idea, but call Shaun first."

Sadly, they weren't quick enough to notify the pack.

The unknown wolf had come across the Hybrid.

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myrt – I'm glad you're enjoying the story so far! (: Yeah, I wanted to make a character too complex and suffering from his own inner problems. And that created Orion (: I'm not sure if I'm going to make a preg situation, probably not because Aurora is only eighteen ;_;

WakeUpShutUp – Nope! She's not with a child (:

fiestyfire – Everybody has their point of view and their opinions. I'm glad you enjoyed it at first and decided to leave me a review explaining why. Thank you. (: Stockholm Syndrome won't be incorporated in the story. I have read an article about that happening in India, and it is terrifying :c Aurora's last name is Walker c: