A worthier opponent I had never met.

He slowly advanced.

I held my ground.

We started each other down,

each trying to guess the other's next move.

He suddenly feinted right,

but I pushed him back.

All time had stopped.

Was he alright? Had I gone too far?

He slowly pushed himself back up,

and I could breathe again.

He stared.

I stared.

He stared.

I stared.

The world was at a stand-still.

But then it happened.

He rushed forward, trying to catch me be surprise.

And he didn't stop, as he had previously.

I grabbed at a nearby weapon,

a stick larger than my opponent.

I swung with all I could.

He was lifted up into the air and carried many yards away.


…He was no more.

Farewell, Mr. Bug,

you were a worthy opponent.