Note: A new story. It'll be a sweet story about a girl trying her hardest to take care of her cousins while finding love in a much unexpected way. I know, I shouldn't have written a new story when I haven't even completed my other stories. But I can't help myself since I'm practically having the same problem as Amile right now! Enjoy the story. Please do R&R!

Chapter 1: You can't be serious!

Eyes wide, jaws hang open... I gape as the news dawn into me. "You can't be serious!" I finally said when Aunt Rosaline didn't show any signs of joking around. Truth to be told, even my brain can't comprehend what they were hearing at the moment, because really, since when did the word "Amile" is associated with "babysit"?

"You heard me..." Aunt Rosaline said, almost shrugging her shoulder. "I won't be around for the whole summer. So, I'm handing you the honor of looking after my kids" she added while patted the sleeping little Toby gently on the shoulder. Her other son, Tony, was off playing with his "imaginary" friend outside of the house.

"But…but..." I railed off, unable to finish the sentence. "You know that I failed in nursing class, right? Remember that my flour was thorn even before I stepped out of the class?" I added while eyeing her to make sure she gets my point. "How come you're so sure I could tend to your kids when you're not around?!" I said in concern. I don't want to be sent to a juvenile school just because I accidentally dropped my aunt's sons down the stairs!

"Because…" she trailed off for a dramatic effect "your mother had given me the authorities to use you whenever I want. And judging from the way you had taken care of my little angels these past months, I have to say you're quite good in it" she said with a nod to herself, as if approving me as the babysitter.

I rolled my eyes in disbelief. Why the heck did Mum have to say it like that? First, she was off to Hawaii with her new found lover and had to dump me with Aunt Rosaline. I had been totally against her new relationship. Mum has been changing lovers more frequently than I change my own clothes! But I really can't blame her though. She had suffered enough these past years with my alcoholic dad.

Dad had been treating Mum as if she was his humble slave. It wasn't something new to see a bruise appearing on Mum's body like magic show. I tried to convince Mum to report Dad to the police. But Mum said she still loved him. Apparently, Dad was her first love. To hell with first love! What's the meaning of staying faithful to a guy who treated you like a trash? So being the sneaky little weasel I was, I called the police one night when Dad was about to beat Mum with a baseball bat!

I can't stand watching it no more and I had this feeling that Mum won't be able to survive if I let them be. Case closed when Dad was sent to the jail. And yes, I was the one who had made it possible. Mum cried when she knew about it, but then she met this wonderful guy up the street we live in. His name was Jordan Mars. Seriously, I love that guy being with my mum. He was a wonderful man with great package. He had a good body with awesomely charming manners.

It was like seeing a picture perfect couple when they're together. I had been hoping that he'll be my new Dad. But it turns out fate had really hated me, since Mum had decline when he proposed to her. I was devastated when I heard the news. That is not until I heard her excuse. Mum said she didn't want to tie a knot with anyone at the moment. Even though Jordan was such a great man; of course, even I approve him; Mum didn't want to venture into a married life again. Not ever since Dad.

After broking it off with Jordan, she had lived a happy life with a numerous lovers. There was Matt Jacques, Kienen Boyle, Terrani Karas and much more. Every one of them was special in their own way, but deep down inside I still feel that Jordan was the one for Mum. Speaking of Jordan, he had still visited us every now and then. Even though Mum had broken his heart; smash it even; to tiny pieces, he had constantly support her new found love. Now, they're like best buds. Life was great, not until two months ago…

Mum met a guy at a bar when she was off for one of her ladies night. To her surprise, the guy had invited her to Hawaii for an adventure of her life time. Being as excited as she was, she had agreed without consenting me first. I couldn't follow her to Hawaii; even though I really want to; since school is much more important for a senior student like me. In the end, I had to be sent to live with Aunt Rosaline for a whole year.

I still remember the exact words she said to me before she went off "Don't you want to see me happy again?" when I protested while stamping my feet on the pavement outside Aunt Rosaline's house. Of course I do! But seeing how head over heels she was for a guy named Avogadro Constent, how can't I be concerned about her? Mum had been joking around how she felt the chemistry between them. I could only roll my eyes in disgust when that happens. It's like learning chemistry all over again! Except without any annoying professor nagging you to stop playing around with the chemicals…

As if it wasn't worst enough to be sent living with a relative when my Mum practically danced her way to Hawaii, all of a sudden, I had to changed school? Aunt Rosaline said it was better for me to enroll into en elite school; it was nearer to her house too. I wanted to protest, but being a good girl I am, I had no choice. Aunt Rosaline earned my gratitude since I had practically no where to stay if she wasn't there to lend a hand.

So there you go a full summary of my not so wonderful life. I could stand being thrown away by my own Mum into an unfamiliar place. I could still follow along when I had to changed school and leave most of my friends at my old hometown. But, when someone is showing their own kids into my life, what am I supposed to say?

"It's a pleasure Ma'am"? No way in hell am I gonna say something that could be the death of me. But seriously, I don't know what came over me when my big stupid mouth said something that even left me gaping idiotically at my own stupid self.

"Okay" the words that came out of my mouth made me wants to strangle myself. 'Amile, what the hell are you saying?' my conscience scream every syllabus into my brain. That's when I finally realized what I had just said. Snapping out of my trance, I saw a smile crept up Aunt Rosaline's mouth. She was happy that I had finally agreed to her after declining for almost two hours.

"Great! Then I'll leave them to your care" Aunt Rosaline said with great happiness. Little Toby had woken up. As he began to stifle a yawn, Tony came running into the room with a cheeky smile on his face when Aunt Rosaline calls to him. He was drenched in mud while his nose was running with yellowish goo. I couldn't help myself but to express a shudder at the sight of him.

Aunt Rosaline began to scold him for playing with the mud again. But then she smiles warmly when Tony gave her something that looked like a flower that was crumpled and covered with mud. Putting aside that Tony was dirty beyond recognition; Aunt Rosaline began to talk to them slowly, so that they'll understand that she won't be around for three whole months. The kids began to whine when they heard about it. True, Aunt Rosaline did leave them every now and then to attend to her business, but it had never been that long.

"So, from now on..." Aunt Rosaline said while patting her sons lovingly on the head "Amile will be taking care of you." Hearing that, the kids began to snap their heads to look at my way. They scan me with their innocent eyes that almost made me said an "aww" before they smile mischievously at me. To my great horror, they began to call me something that I would never imagine being called at 17 years of age!

"Mummy!" they said in unison and came running to hug me tightly. My eyes bulged at the new title I was given by them.

"Mummy?!" I said, almost screaming incredulously.