Leaps Meant To Be Taken

by BettyBoo

00. Introducing the Players in the Play.



Totally and utterly bored.

It was simply torturous having history as your last lesson. Not that Mr Firth was bad or anything but glancing around the classroom I noted I wasn't the only one wearing the long face of boredom. But even though I was dying there were some students listening closely to every word he was saying and making notes in their notebooks.

Apart from those sitting in the back rows that is.

They were too busy flirting with each other to give a damn and wouldn't have stopped even if Mr Firth had issued a warning. Not when the Irish Trio were the centre of attention.

Member one was Shane Tate. He was the boy sitting by the windows. He always sat by the windows. He was known as The Devil in the Disguise or Double-D for his suave ways.

The boy surely knew how to charm himself out of a situation.

For example when his old girlfriend caught him cheating, he somehow managed to get out of there without bruises and scars while the girl he cheated with ended up with a broken wrist, busted lip and patches of hair missing.

Sitting in front of him was the second member Colin Foley. The Narcissist.

With brown hair and eyes the guy had people believing he was related to Colin Farrell, the actor. He wasn't much of a man-whore like his fellow partners simply because he didn't have the time to divide between looking into his mirror (which he always carried with him in his left pocket.) and women.

In other words his well-being came first.

But the leader of the pack; highest on the wanted list was Ciaran Brennan. The Bull.

Those of you familiar with the movie Someone like You starring Ashley Judd and Hugh Jackman would know Ashley Judd's character came up with the theory that men are like bulls - "never mate with the same cow twice."

Ciaran Brennan earned his title when he succeeded sleeping with six different girls in one week!!!

Well, so it was rumoured...

Anyway, how come he is still wanted? That girls go completely crazzzzy when he passes by?!

The answer is quite simple. The (stupid!) idea of change.

For some (dumb!) reason we girls are taught to believe that we carry the special x-factor which will change the notorious bad boy into prince charming and are willing to put ourselves out there.

Well if you haven't already guessed it - I became one of them. How Ciaran Brennan one day entered my life and turned it up side down, I will tell you as I formally greet you to see the play Leaps Meant To Be Taken.

And no, it isn't spelled wrongly...

...I think...

A/N: Yup, restarting this story and I'm going to finish it! Welcome back old readers and Hello to the new readers!

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