"My Eyes Are Open"

My eyes are open,

I am awake

I didn't know my good life was at stake.

I heard the crashing,

I heard the cries

I didn't know that night I'd say goodbye.

You've let me down

And you've let me hurt

Even more now that I am alert.

You scare me so much

When I hear you go back,

I never thought it was strength that you lacked.

I heard that you think of me,

When you give yourself,

The "happiness" you turn to when you're by yourself.

You turned to them,

Again and again

But sometimes you'd ditch them for some "worthy" man.

And when you think you had found the one,

Who'll be with you every day,

They always leave you home to cry when they go away.

You gave me hope,

then took it away,

I never did think that with you I would stay.

I know you try,

But not hard enough,

All of this drama was making me tough.

I waited for you,

I waited so long

Now those days are long past gone.

I have many memories

About you and me,

Who could've known you wanted it three?

Now my eyes are open

I am awake

My heart is too fragile; for it will now break.