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Name. Lesley Renyell. Age. 15 years old. Occupation. student. Family. Single mother.

Sounds all normal, right? I mean, that I, Lesley Renyell, would never thought this monstrous bomb would be dropped on me. And who dropped this so called bomb on me? My dear mother, of course. Thank you lady who gave birth to me. Oh joy, you have brought to my life. More drama. How fun. What was this freaking dropped atomic bomb? Well, dear old Mom had something she wanted to tell me. The conversation went like this.

"Less d-e-a-r-y. Won't you come down for a sec?"

I, of course being the filial daughter, came barreling down the stairs to the living room, attentive to every one of my mother's words. Right. That's a good laugh.

"Yeah, mom. Something up?"

"I have decided what's next on the agenda." What has she done now. sighs.

"I am going Australia for ten months!"

"Mom say what now?"

Ah, my mother. Let's go into more detail about her. Ayane Renyell, a single mother aged 41 (but still looks like she's in her 20's). Too many words can be used to describe her, but I have to say one thing that's always constant about her, her erratic nature. What can I say, Mom is a free spirit. It comes to no surprise to me about her abrupt trip.

"Ten months? That's awesome Mom, but I don't want leave when the school year is just beginning."

"Oh honey nut bunny, didn't I tell you that you're not coming with me?"

Hold up. She is defiantly not traveling alone. With her sense of direction and flighty tendencies, a) she going herself killed, b) accidently break someone's nose (don't ask. It's not pretty to get into), or c) end up going to the North Pole instead of Australia, miles away from civilization.

"Mom, calm down a little and think rationally. You cannot travel by yourself. You would be a menace to society."

"Don't be silly. Maggie is coming with me. With my sense of direction, I would fly course to the North Pole."

My thoughts exactly. Maggie, Mom's best friend... with the two together, it equals trouble times two. At least Maggie is the more sensible one. She'll make sure that they will return back fully intact with no piercings or tattoos…at least I hope so. Gulp.

"Ok, you can go only because Maggie is going…wait, who am I going to stay with while you're off doing God knows what then?"

"Well, my butter bean, I have something else to tell you. You, my pecan blossom, are going to stay with your father and brothers."

Off out of all of the outrageous coo-coo for cocoa puffs things she says, this slammed me down hard, like when this obese, sweating man sat down on me once. Not a fun experience, not to mention having my air constricted and my upper body crushed downwards. I was never the same again. Shudders.

"Holy boloney! Are you kidding Mom? I didn't even know I had a dad, let alone brothers. You never told me."

"I didn't? Hmm. It must have slipped my mind. Anyways you're going to stay with your father and 11 brothers for ten months until I get back."

11 brothers. Spyro come save me. 11. What…how…ugh. I'm getting a headache.

"Mom, are you really going to send me to live with a bunch of strangers that I never even met before? Aren't I your precious daughter? Doesn't your daughter's safety concern you at all?"

"Relax my little berry muffin. You'll be just fine. Your father's a nice man. He'll take good care of you. I have already talked to him and he's practically dancing his socks off as he's so delighted to finally meet you. "

And with that, she glided out of the living room, leaving me flabbergasted, foaming at the mouth.

Am I delirious? Did this really happen?

I slapped myself once…twice…three times. Ouch. That freaking hurt. Oh my kittens. I have a father and 11 brothers I never knew about.

"Oh yes. I almost forgot to say something else. You already met your brothers. They go to your school actually. What were their names….ahh, yes… Adam, Michael, Devon, Cole, Damien, Jonathan….so many names.

Double gulp. She doesn't mean… "Mom, do you mean to say the Eden brothers are my siblings?"

"Why, yes you're correct my shiny pineapple."

….holy…the demi-gods that are worshipped by the whole school are my brothers. Mother has some explaining to do.

"Oh my Hello Kitty," says the stunned daughter.

"Lalala. Hakuna Matata! What a wonderful phrase. Hakuna Matata! Ain't no passing craze. It means no worries for the rest of your days. It's our problem-free Matata!" bellows the mother, unaware of the turmoil whirling inside her daughter.

Oh my Hello Kitty is right indeed.