Author's note: The article below is completely fictional and so are the names.

Food can cause many problems, but especially by a beach with seagulls, pigeons, and other types of birds which enjoy pursuing individuals for their food. "Birds love food, it's like a sure magnet when you have food that they want to be around you no matter where you move." Eric Hanes a Ashcealle Freshman remarked. Travis chares a junior at Ashcealle was attacked by a seagull at lunchtime. "It was definitely painful. i had to be rushed into the hospital. I was just sitting there with my lunch and I was eating it, talking to Frank and Charles. It wouldn't leave me alone. It squawked repeatedly over my head, and I gestured for it to go away. The bird then attacked me," said chares. Seagulls usually don't attack people, however, this seagull reacted badly to a simple gesture. "That particular seagull did look a little odd or scarred because it llooked like it was hurt before, you could just see a trace of a scar," stated Ashcealle Junior Charles Harston. Many thinks the bird had been harmed and hurt in some way in it's past. "Birds are generally not harmful to Humans, but if it has been attacked, then I suppose it's only animal instinct that they do. It must have been teased or was terrorized by something otherwise the gull shouldn't exhibit such behavior," declared Ashcealle senior stacey transian.

After being attacked by the bird Travis was taken to the hospital. "It was frightening for both me and Charlie. We were hoping that Travis would pull through, but this was unusual and we didn't know. He was perhaps not the best student, but he was such a great friend and I am sure he has a great future ahead of him. We were just so frightened. I guess this teaches us that anything could happen," claim Ashcealle junior Frank notford. No matter, how careful one could be this attack by a seagull could really teach us that caution is beneficial no matter what situation one are in.