Author's note: The article below is completely fictional and so are the names.

The Stance On Life

by Rachel

Author note: This was an mock article I had to write for a test and no I don't agree ) x4

Without life the human race would not be here. Life starts in the mother as soon as the cells of the baby comes together. Some would argue that a child is not a human until after the moment of birth, instead it is always a living human even inside of a mother. "I think it is cruel of people to count these babys inside of the fetuses as less than human. They count them as simply subhuman or as part of the mother. How wrong can that be? A life is a life and no question about it. It's precious either way," Ashcealle Senior Julie Cains passionately stated. Therefore, it is wrong to have an abortion and to kill a human that has no choice in the matter. They did not ask to be killed or ask to be fertilized. "I think it's wrong to have an abortion. It's not right to just go out there and kill babies, so why allow abortions? I just don't see it," replied Ashcealle sophomore Carmen Walden. These babies could potentially be the person who would do something great in this world, but we'll never get to know, because they are being killed off by abortion. "They might be born and live in an abusive household, or a very poor one, but they are still living. I don't mean to sound like I support abuse, but they'll still be living no matter what environment they are in," said Ashcealle freshman patricia Gilbermos. An overwhelming amount of people do it as a form of birth control. They might do a lot of things and then decide they want an abortion because they have a baby. However, this kind of birth control has a lot of side effects. Such as bleeding or the next child the woman with the abortion conceive might have many complications. "Abortion has been and will always be an excuse to have more unprotective sex. The safeguard is, if they have sex and the girl gets pregnant she could always get rid of her baby," said Mary Jamidan. There is always other ways to deal with unwanted children. One is putting them up for adoption.