A Friend To Remember

Dedication: sandeepa

You told me to hold my head up high,

you told me, I was worth something,

You said I was good and that I could be of something

Therefore, I do thank thee,

You shown the light,

You held out a hand and shown me the way

friends are friends you've said and the deal was sealed and done with.

You could never break your word about it,

no no no you could never do that.

You like me like true friends do

You treat me good.

you've said the equivalent of

I suggest things and tell you how to be a better

person in all the ways possible,

but, you will have to make the efforts and decisions.

You did tolerate my naivete except

me for who I was

and never did laugh, mock or reject

me for it.

You told me different is okay

you said no matter and exceptance was all clear

You told me i was not crazy for being me

You said this is what friendship is

now, go do it yourself.

note to Charles: I don't know if you'll ever read this, but I might mention that I do thank you for helping me improve my communication skills. I could not have made the amount of friends I have without your help.