The Act Of Remembering

Kind words, encouragement to do the right, and detailed thoughts can change a life. I am a person who have transformed my ideas drastically, I think quite differently than my ninth grade self. One could say, I am complex. I was never a thinker in ninth grade, I pretended to know a lot and have many reasons, but half of them I made up on the spot, however good they were. I went into debates pretending to use my mind, but half of the time I pretended to know and essentially I made myself believe that I could reason. I didn't have many opinions of my own, I had little idea what side I was on in issues, I went with some random ideas for no particular reason. Sometimes, it was purely, because it was different. In my writing, I was never myself, I was always some other character. If it was not some Harry Potter characters it was some other book, I was reading, but most times it was Harry Potter. I remember I always wanted to copy the action of certain characters E.g. Remus Lupin or Albus Dumbledore. For the texts I read in ninth grade, it was mostly fantasy.

Tenth grade was a transition for me, a somewhat mentally challenging year, because I was relatively new at thinking philosophically, but my friend who started me on this philosophical road gently encouraged me on, which no doubt eased up the tension. I started to think deductively, chronologically, and by way of cause and effect. Which carried over to benefit me as a writer and helped me write more maturely without trying to copy a particular character or author. I generally stopped using supposedly old English and british slang e.g. old english thank you notes. I wanted my writing to be mine, to look like it was me, rather then from Shakespeare, or some British writer. My reading was much different in the sense of reading a lot of different genres, but mostly nonfictions. I read mostly books that I could learn from. I read two philosophical action books, one self help, two nonfiction philosophical books, a factual book about taxes, a biography, and a few histories. I read and enjoyed almost all of them and read them thoroughly. I had a hard time reading How To Win Friends And Influence People, I admit I had the urge to put down the book, however after an encouraging gesture, I decided not to do so. After some difficult struggles with people who didn't have good communication skills, I realized just how very important it was to communicate well, though this achievement was not in my sophomore year. However, this achievement was only possible because I had read How To Win Friends And Influence People from cover to cover in tenth grade..

In ninth grade, I basically was such a radical fan of everything good I read. My biggest and most radical obsession was Harry Potter. I lived and breathed Harry Potter. I attempted to draw Harry Potter pictures, wrote Harry Potter fanfictions, and roleplayed Harry Potter numerous times, but I had never written an essay on it. when I was asked about a significant event, I jumped for it and I described how I got to like reading. I, as many today, got to like reading by way of Harry Potter. Thus, I had written about it, and the piece is called the Disciplinary Action To Remember. My mother forced me to read Harry Potter, and in that piece I describe how she did that. It was probably not a pleasant scene, but I wrote it as one, because I was quite obsessed with Harry Potter, that anything to do with it was fabulous, especially the person that got me into it or the person was a fabulous person at the time of the event. I would gladly, go back and debate with my ninth grade self about how inaccurate that statement was as I have extremely different thoughts about Harry Potter at present.

In another piece, this one, a fanfiction, based on the odyssey for a project about odyssey as we had just read the piece. I could have written a number of things, and when I heard that we had to do some sort of fanfiction, I was almost squealing in joy. In five minutes of her speech on the assignment, I had formulated the basis of my fanfic, which was to be a sequel. I was somewhat intelligent when I wanted to be, but when I was fawning over a character I could be rather nonsensical. In my piece I had many flaws. For rain, Odysseus built a rock shelter and placed a cloth over the top of the rock structure. This doesn't make much sense because the structure is not remotely possible to be built in a short amount of time. I must have been either quite quick to write the fanfiction or I was thinking about Harry Potter. The first being more likely. At the end for the sake of making him a hero, Odysseus came upon a house that took him in as a common person. His goal was to ask a person what an oar was called, but since that person didn't know what an oar was, odysseus decide to carve the word oar on it. Then, the next morning, he showed the individual the oar and said that he found the name written on it to the gentleman who he asked. This piece already being a bit absurd becomes even more unbelievable. Where could Odysseus have gotten the engraver or rather the thing he used? From the inside of the matress? Hardly. From around the room? No, because the room was supposedly empty. From out of the sack? It's possible, but the chances are small.

In tenth grade my writing was much better. This next piece was a fanfiction of sort only because we were told to do one. The piece was titled Miracle Metal. We had to pick a character from a book and write about him. I had just read Atlas Shrugged, and thought it was fabulous. So I chose Hank Rearden, because he made up the most interesting plot to me. So I went upon his character, however, I didn't just write about his action and how brilliant he was. I compared him to today's world, and I went upon that. Instead of it being about the character, I used the character to my benefit. I also used other characters to help move my essay along, yet not making them the center of attention. I used Dagny Taggart as an example, and she is my all time favorite character, yet I never focused on her entirely either.

The last piece discussed, could not have been written if I had not spent the time learning how to think and had not studied a great deal of Aristotelian philosophy. I could have never achieved this piece if I didn't learn the techniques of explanations. This was an biography on Ayn Rand, called Objectiveism. Objectivism was one of my longer biographical pieces spanning over three pages. I had written biographies before, but the difference was that in this one, I had put forth more efert. In previous essays, I had written the minimal and called it complete, but I decided that was not what I was going to do in tenth grade. I researched an author who I enjoyed. After a great deal of research, I wrote a simple biography about her, but then added a large portion explaining her achievements, which was her philosophy. Then, I also added a few paragraph on her books. I have shown that and my other pieces to several other individuals, and I've been told that has been my greatest piece.

In conclusion, my ninth grade year and my tenth grade year was a drastic difference. In ninth grade I was an immature fan, and in tenth I was and still am a thinker. I wrote poorly and immaturely in ninth grade, but improved and wrote a lot better and more efficiently in tenth.