History is wide, ever changing and expansive. It is very interestingly played out and if studied it makes one wiser. The Glory and the dream is a history book that is over a thousand pages by William Manchester covering 40 years of United States history that covers 1932-1972. Reading this book would assist the reader to understand the why the United States is at it's current situation. Today's problem are repflected in this book and thus is not a new set of dilemmas.

We had a economic crisis in the 1930 and once more throughout the twentieth century. John F. Kenedy (JFK's) presidency was much like Obama's, coincidentally they were both liberals. Every new president had a plan that was very different from the last. Every century was different and had a new trend. Findally the United States was always fighting other countries or competing against them.

;The 1930's was a very poor century yet it was one of recovery. Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) led the country for most of the 1930's, which was known as the time of the great depression. However, the first two years of the 1930's the country was lead by Herbert Hoover. ROOSEVELT was known for his fireside chats where he spoke upon the problems and difficulty that America were experienncing. He also led the country through times of difficulty. The difficulties included, the bank being bankrupt and the general motors strike. However, the world pull through with Roosevelt's help.

He was very influential president who was very unique. A progressive democrat, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was charismatic, seemed to agree with everyone, went on a first name basis, and most interestingly Roosevelt was crippled with polio, thus serving as president from a wheelchair. He moved the country by serving four terms as president, and helping the country through economic depression and a world war with precision. He was able to speak to the people of his time understandably, as he was known for his fireside chat.

The 1940's was an extremely hard decade for the world, and America is not an exception. Roosevelt led America through it's first half of the decade and after his death in 1945 Harry Truman took over. Besides the change of hands there was also the incident at Pearl Harbor. When The Japanese ships bombed the harbor. That was a terrifying experience for America, as they knew that they would be attack by the japanese on that day and time, but they did not know where. Some were suspicious, but pearl harbor was nevertheless not ready for the attack. After pearl harbor the century was difficult for the americans. America was a second front and were people were were worried.

Truman who led America through the second part of the century was also a progressive democrat. Truman was not originally suppose to be president, but he became president because he was vice president to Roosevelt, who past away. Truman was not carismatic, but he was brisk and hard. Truman was hard to the miners who were on strike, which was different from Roosevelt who would have compromised and made deals.

In the 1950's there were three presidents truman who finished up his second term, Dwight Eisenhower, and Kenedy. There were the cold war occured throughout 1950's between the the two super powers in the world, which was Russia and the United States. The cold war led to the Kitchen Debate, the Bay Of Pigs, and Krushchev's visit to America. Krushchev's visit to the United States was by far formal and nothing was accomplished as Krushchev did not wish to speak about the problems. The kittchen debate occured when Eisenhower's vice president Richard nixson, who was to be the president in the 1960's and early 1970's, went to russia and spoke with Krushchev. They were debating about technology and who had the better equipment. This lead to the space race that lasted until the cold war's end and the cause of the Appolo11 moon landing with Neil Armstrong. Then, the bay of pig, which was an attack on cuba on Cuban soil, where the americans tried to fight them to get them on their side by overthrowing Castro. It was a failure and americans appeared badly.

President Dwight Eisenhower or rather President Eisenhower, was a republican president who was not very active. According to many people they could not say much about him except that he was an excellent golf player. However besides just being a good golf player Eisenhower picked very conservative men for his cabinet, and very capable one's too, so they made all the decisions for him, especially his vice president, Nixson.

John F. Kenedy (JFK) who was very popular at the time and also was very young. He was the Obama of the 1960's. He was a liberal and supported medicare and education. He never thought of himself as ordinary as he loudly told people that he was not an ordinary man. He fought in world War II and therefore was a veteran. Unfortunately, he was killed in 1961 while in Texas.

The 1960's and beginning of the 1970's was a generation of many things. In the 1960 there was the hippy movement, the death of both President Kenedy and Robert Kenedy, the death of Martin Luther King, Woodstock, the appearance of Charles Manson, the cold war, the moon landing, watergate, and vietnam. The deaths were sad, and all thre were shot down. John F Kenedy was riding through texas when he was shot, his brother was shot as he was leaving from somewhere, and Martin Luther King was shot at as he was speaking to someone on a second floor landing in a hotel by a sniper across the street. After president Kenedy's death in 1961 President Lyndon B. Johnson took over the white house. The cold war motivated america to develop their space technology so to Russia in their race to better space technology. Many attempts was made, but finally in 1968 America successfully completed the flight with appolo11 with the aid of Neil Armstrong. Throughout the 1960's lysergic acid diethylamide (LSd) popular with the hippies lead to a LSd festival called woodstock. Also amongst the nutty figures that appeared at this time was the notorious criminal Charles Manson. Also in the later part of the 1960's, the Vietnam war that America was involved in. A lot of soldiers died while fighting the north Vietnamese, for the south vietnamese.

Lyndon B. Johnson the president after john F. Kenedy's death, who was Kenedy's vice president. He was a democratic president. He was president throughout most of the 1960's.

Richard M Nixson served as president after Lyndon Johnson. He was a conservative and chose to choose an ordinary Vice president as President Eisenhower did with him. He was involved with the watergate case where he sent out people to spy on the democrat's conversations.

eleanor roosevelt the wife to franklin Delano Roosevelt and popular for being a charitable first lady. She did many things for other countries and her own country.