The Call Of Law

A society of disorder and chaos which is caused by lawlessness, omitting the most reasonable and simplest of rights and wrongs of such laws that the freest of republics possesses can cause men to be desperate for safety and peace while fending off robbers along with violent twisted humans that wish to injure innocence. This type of corruption can exist in a truly shattered world and this can become reality if basic laws aren't followed. In this passage the author describes the consequences of one performing acts that violate minor laws. As one violates those and receives no notation that it is against the law one see it as appropriate in commiting larger crimes. Commiting small crimes can lead to bigger crimes as it's not hard to just step it up a step and commit more crime, so therefore the author thinks it is wrong to think it right and lawful as excusing smaller laws can only cause tragedies. I most definitely agree with the passage as most of these are logical, polite, and helpful to prevent harm..

Logically laws are suppose to protect humans and their well being. However, if they are shunned to the side and disregarded laws become useless. It is logical that one follows guidelines especially if it's reasonable. They are set down so as to be polite to another individual and to keep things reasonably safe. Many would claim that this type of sensoring is wrong as humans have freedom of speech. Freedom of speech was never violated in the first place. One was never not allowed to protest, write about this experience in a way that would hint disagreement or speak against outwrite disagreement, or stopped individuals to not to do as they wish. Some others would point out that it is tyranical, however most of the laws set down as basic laws are reasonable and often not too controlling. Most of these laws are marginally ensuring the safety and peace of people. Others might say that rules are meant to be broken or authorities are not meant to be trusted. However, if rules are meant to be broken then why was the law set in the first placeā€¦ there isn't a point in that case and same with authorities. If they were not meant to be good then creating that system was not a good way to spend energies, however, because of authorities and law enforcements society has order. Not only is it logical to follow laws but it also creates a more polite, respectful and formal atmosphere.

If one feels disrespected because of another neighbor it's not a good sign. It's good to be respectful of others in society yet be an individual. It's not all impossible as one is capable of respecting that others also has individual values. Such as not liking as much noise as another, not liking the same music, wanting there own space to travel, and others. In many cases it's a slight change to actions and adjusting them to respect folks, but yet not give the entire self to others. It's not giving one's freedom up as one still get to enjoy their values but the individual must interact appropriately. For example the noise pollution law and the requirement that you can't have your music or your sounds too loud at a certain hour. Is reasonable. Even during the day if one's music or movies could be heard across three or four streets there is definitely something wrong. At night one might not be able too, but have all day to listen to music at a decent loudness. It is not restricted to night time. One may have their individual volume preference in the day time. Respect is a two way deal. Individuals must respect one another rather then just one sided deals. Also it's not only because of politeness that one should follow these rules as they do keep people safe.

Laws are also to protect people. It is not because of convenience that one can just do things. Others would also want convenience, and then a major accident happens. At times people are rushing to get to things or rather one find it important. Not only you find it important, but everyone finds what they must accomplish important as well. If there was no law, Jaywwalkers and other cars might think it's right to go whenever they want, this is how many accidents happen. If there was no law, everyone can judge when it is time for them to cross the street and everyone may choose to go at once and a massive slaughter could happen with clashes between cars and humans. So in general, Laws are here to keep the country in order.

Not only are laws here to protect us but they are also here to keep things respectful, and logical. Problems are often evadable. And breaking smaller laws might show someone that laws are not that serious and after all that they could be broken. Then bigger atrocities occur as people decide that if they may violate smaller laws that they could violate these with no problems, and thus order, the code of respect, and logic is not whole anymore.