Dedicated: to Charles, Sandeepa, and Mr. O

What is philosophy and why must it be important? The foundation of civilization is philosophy, which aids individuals
in doing work more proficiently and making better choices.
Comprehending the basics is crucial to any field of work and is as
important to efficiency as understanding the underlying concepts.
This allows the process to be clearer. However, philosophy is not
only to be used professionally; it may also be useful in everyday
situations. Understanding oneself and the world in which one lives is
most important, as philosophy is the key to decisions. Being capable
of rationalizing different subjects is a valuable trait to possess,
but is often admired least. Understanding concepts should be natural
and easy. From whom individuals are according to their values and
epistemology, to how one should vote politically, philosophy is key.
Behaviors in society, ethics or even how one could view art or
esthetics, can be improved. In short, philosophy is understanding and
understanding is good.

Author's Note: For a contest, answering the question, what is the most important thing. My answer you read above.