truth lives in faith
life eats disbelief
eternal direction where guidance is not fate
the pyramids of imhotep are now alone

ramses' life of deceit and stone
I shout above the steps
weeping from my throne
I beg you, hear my moans

the sky and clouds hide my thoughts
your patience breaks my bones
a silent sound contains my lust
an ancient silence breaks my heart
violent trust speaks its fronts

turn my life into dance
circle my thoughts and sing in trance
enlighten me with your sultry glance
you love to watch my morbid waltz
exposing all my awful faults

the falcon flies for you
dance steps moving one for two
dream it fast for we will sing
sending love above, our words will sting

I need not love nor peace
while drowning in your ancient silence
my thoughts wail beliefs sordid
be my stone pyramid