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Chapter Five

It had been more than seven years since Jake had been through the trial and error that was dating. To him it was always a guessing game and one - looking at his past experience - that he was never really good at. He didn't kid himself into being nonchalant and knew that he held a serious interest when it came to Vasili despite the fact that a) he'd only just started paying attention to his bisexuality and b) he had only been out with the man once. If anything, the knowledge that he wanted Vasili so much made him even more nervous.

He didn't want to seem eager and call the guy too soon - or 12 times a day like he wanted to - but then he didn't want to wait too long either and give the wrong impression.

God, he was acting like some love-sick school girl.

Making a face at the realization, he ignored the nagging urge and threw himself into work and the project at hand. "Hemi, where are the tiles?"

"Right there," the older man gestured to a large pallet a few feet away. "But you aint gonna be happy."

Jake, who had barely glanced at the box, paused in marking his checklist. A feel of dread creeping up his neck the same way it always did when something went wrong during a job. They only had three days left before the deadline and he could not afford any fuck-ups. "Why is that?"

"Rudy must have ordered the wrong stuff," Hemi said, walking over to the large crate to show Jake what was inside. "These are sort-of stone, but not the real thing."

"Sonofabitch!" Jake growled. Three days to go and the remaining tile and clean up were the only things waiting to be completed. It usually took two days for delivery of any tile out of state and that was if the correct product was available! "Did you call and see if the natural was available?"

Hemi nodded, "It wont get here 'til day after tomorrow so I put a hold on delivery to see what you wanted to do."

"Looks like I don't have much of a choice but to go and get it," he grumbled. He knew people made mistakes, but when you also knew you had a deadline all the apologies in the world didn't make it any better. "What are you doing tonight?"

"Not driving to Pennsylvania, that's for damn sure," he answered with a grunt.

Jake groaned, "Did you check any closer distributors?"

Hemi gave him a do-you-think-I'm-stupid look before answering, "Philadelphia is the closest you're getting. I take it you need a sitter?"

"Why're you so eager?"

"I'm telling you I am this close," he spread his thumb and pointer finger about an inch or so apart. "To beating that boy's ass every time!"


The older man stared at him. "The Wii game, moron. Your son - hell, even Sukie - beats my ass every time."

Jake laughed, nodding his head in acceptance of Hemi's offer. "You really need a life."


Jake had stopped at the nearest gas station before beginning his long drive and was currently leaning back against the work truck waiting for the monster to full up. The loud buzz in his pocket startled him as it usually did and had him answering quickly. Seeing Vasili's name, he swallowed before saying, "Hello?"

Vasya's voice was as soft and cheerful as ever. "What are you doing?"

The blonde felt a little more at ease hearing that playful tone. "I am fittin' to drive to Pennsylvania. What are you doin?"

"Thinking about you." It was said very simply but gave both men pause.

A broad smile found Jake's face at the words, a warm feeling filling his belly. "I've been thinking about you all day."

Musical laughter rung from the phone. "Sweet. It's good to know I'm not the only one obsessing."

"You have no idea," he muttered placing the gas nozzle back in it's holder when the handle clicked. He had paid with his company credit card but headed inside to stock up on on-the-road snacks. "What are you doing this evening?" he asked as he walked in said store.

"No plans."

Jake had no idea what made him ask it but before he could stop himself, he asked, "Feel like a drive?"


Jake smiled when he caught sight of Vasili heading towards his truck. The man wore dark sweat pants and a white t-shirt, with his usual flipflops as Jake had told him to dress comfortably also he carried a small overnight bag under his arm just in case he had to change or so Jake assumed. This had to be the hundredth time or more that he'd seen him but now, as every other time, Jake couldn't help but notice how physically appealing the man was. So sleek and beautiful - He paused in his thoughts when the man stopped outside of the door to wave goofily before opening the door.

"You're cute as shit," the words were out of his mouth before he could stop them.

Vasya hopped up on the truck seat and waggled his eyebrows. "I know and am grateful for it. It lands me the cutest guys."

"I dunno about all that," he muttered even as he leaned in to press a soft kiss on the man's lips. "But I'm glad you decided to ride with me. It's a long ass ride by yourself."

The smaller man licked his lips, as if to absorb Jake's taste, before asking, "Where are the kids?"

"With Hemi, he's my co-worker slash best friend slash agreeable baby sitter," he told him, putting the car in drive and making his way to the end of the street only to make a few quick turns before landing on to the interstate. It really was a crazy long ride for something that should have been ordered correctly the first time but he valued his customers and needed to keep the companies reputation up if he planned on being able to take care of the kids for another 13 plus years.

"Sounds like a great friend to have. You're lucky. "

"You have no idea. Luckily the kids enjoy his company too. He's a big kid who is as happy sitting on his ass playing the play station with twins as hanging out and sharing a beer with me. I sometimes wonder whose friend he is." He said in a grumbling manner but it was clear he was humored by the man's amusement with his children than anything else.

Vasili smile in a friendly fashion before shifting the subject. "Just to be clear, you are not a maniac that is taking me across the state line to murder me, right?"

Jake gave an odd cough-laugh sound before shaking his head slowly. "No… where did that come from?" He hadn't really thought it was weird to invite the guy along. He'd wanted to see him and, while it was a spur of the moment thing, it was definitely something he didn't regret doing. Granted they had only been on one date but hell, they were grown ass men who made grown up choices. Like riding a few hours together in a car. "I don't reckon it's too late to turn back if you've changed your mind."

"That's not what I meant, silly. I wouldn't be riding if I didn't want to. I just figured I had to put that out there, ya know? I trust you though or I would not be riding along. Now, how long exactly does it take to ride to Phili? Never been."

Jake relaxed a bit but still wasn't sure how to take teasing like that. Callie had always said he was a stuffy sort. He had never really agreed with her so much as thought she was rather idiotic but considering this particular moment and the difficultly with which he was having understanding how someone could joke about something like that, maybe he was. "Uh, it's about four hours or so." He sighed and rubbed his hand through his hair. "If you don't feel comfortable-"

"Goodness. Relax! Promise I was just playing," the brunette laughed, amused by the larger man's serious face. "I'm a goofy wizard, remember? If you're not 5 then you probably wont get my humor." When the man still looked rather stiff, he sighed and shoved his bag down in the floor and slid over to the middle of the bench seat to cuddle up to the Jake's side. Leaning into him, he pressed a kiss to his ear before nipping at the load.

"What are you doing?" Jake said with a shudder.

"Showing you how much I want to be here with you," he said simply, running his tongue over said earlobe before sucking it into his mouth.

"Gah, okay," he accidentally drew the word out as he cringed away. Why had he never noticed how fucking sensitive his earlobes were? Maybe because he had never had a gorgeous little fuck attached to his side making his dick hard as he tried to pay attention to the hundreds of other cars on the interstate. "Um… fuck, baby, you have to-"

Vasili laughed and pulled away but didn't slide back over to the passenger seat. "It's fun having a big, bad, boyfriend to pick on. I miss it."

"Boyfriend?" Jake croaked rather unattractively, his eyes snapping to Vasili and then back to the road as he heard a nearby horn honk from where he had, apparently swerved in his surprise. Clearing his throat, he tried again, "You calling me your boyfriend?"

Ears red, Vasya shrugged. "Well, I mean… goodness, I don't believe I've been this embarrassed since high school. I mean, I suppose I am rather jumping the gun as it were assuming such a thing after one silly little date-"

"It wasn't silly." Reaching his hand over, he gripped the smaller man's. Feeling the firmness, the lengthy fingers and grip so different than Callie or any other woman he had been with. "It was a nice night and this," he wiggled their joined hands, "Well, this is right nice as well."

Smiling at the way Jake handled his embarrassment, Vasili cuddled closer to the man and turned on the radio. The guy really hadn't affirmed their romantic status but certainly didn't deny it either which definitely gave him home though why he himself seemed to eager to call the man more than a date, he had n idea. Maybe it was the single father thing? Or possibly because the man was so damned good looking? He didn't know. But he did know that Jake Summers required a lot of patience and if he wanted this to go anywhere then he was going to have to man up and give him some.