Ah, horror, how I love thee. Yes, you guessed it, I have written another crappy guide. On today's show, we will be discussing horror, in all it's greatness. As always I am your ever-useless host, and I will be speaking nonsense. Have fun!

The principles of horror

There is one basic principle of horror: it is scary. Simply, that is the point of horror. There has to be either fear or suspense, otherwise, it isn't horror. Okay, so I have stuff in horror that should be in thriller, it went in a different direction than I intended, but they're similar enough. There are different things that could be interpretted as scary, but think about it properly, and use common sense when catagorising it.


These normally consist of lots of basic gore and violence. They don't tend to require much thinking, just a bit of creativeity and plenty of description. These tend to work better in filmm for than written, as it's easier to film people getting hacked to peices than it is to describe it effectively. All I can really say is make sure your descriptions are interesting and realistic, and that your killer is bad-ass. I can't give much advice on descriptive writing, since it isn't really one of my fine points. So, yeah, just write and make sure it makes sense, and remember people don't just randomly pick up an axe in the middle of the street and start killing people, at least try to explain what the killing is about. Also, themes or reoccuring images can be a good idea, they show the connections between the deaths.

Phsycological thrillers

I know it says thriller but these tend to fit into the horror catagory. They apply to the darkest corners of the human mind, they twist our own thoughts and turn them against us. Phsycological thrillers often strike at typical human fears, using them against the viewer/reader. They are often more character based than other areas of horror, and include more of the characters thoughts and feelings. These are absolutely terrifying when done right, but can also go dreadfully wrong, resulting in an epic fail. Again, description helps, but the way it is written is the most important thing here. The thing about phsycological thrillers is that, while everyone has there own style, some styles suit this area better than others. If you want to write this genre, all I can say, is give it your best, and don't worry if you find it a bit hit and miss.



I don't normally put those annoying smiley things in, but I really do love anything zombie related. The most important thing I have to say here, is that yes, shovels are a weapon. Zimbie flicks can go in any direction, be it comedy, jumpy horror, or all-out gore-fest. Which means a writer can quite easily match this type of fick to their own writing style. All you need is to explane the fact that there are zombies, and let the chaos comence. You don't even need to explain where the zombies are from, you could just have a bunch of everyday people as the main character and so that they don't know so neither do the reader. Piece of cake. Unfortunatly, these are becoming a little overdone, so it's hard to make it sound orriginal and not have people say 'I've seen that in a thousand different places'. But, hey, your the writer, that's your problem to deal with.

Supernatural horrors

Now there are a great many things that could fit in here, and thus, subcatagories. Yay!


A vampire does not a horror make. FACT. Vampire romances do not belong in the horror genre. Yes, if the story is about a vampire going around killing people, then it is a horror. If all it is is vapires getting it on, then no, it is not a horror. Unless one of the is really fat and ugly, and reading about them getting their clothes off is really that scary, if it is romance it belongs in romance, not horror. Just having a supernatural being in it doesn't make it horror, but if it is scary, then it is a horror. Have I said it enough times for you to understand it yet?

Also, use whatever variation of the myth you like, whether it be ancient or modern. Whatever the idiots say, seriously, they are idiots. There are a lot of vampire myths out there, so take your pick.


Again, these do not instantly make a story a horror, but there's less idiots thinking otherwise than with vampires, at least. Again, they have to be doing something scary for it to be a horror, it's just a case of judging where it belongs. Put it in the genre where it most fits.

Werewolf myths go almost as far back as vampire myths, and there are a lot of variations. Always feel free to put your own spin on it, too. Just do whatever fits.


Pointedly, half of this last section was written while watching the mummy. Okay, it isn't horror, but you can put undead mummies into horror stories, all the same. Just so long as they are scary mummies. Or really, really bad-ass. And, for all the people who call this unrealistic, your writing about daed, decaying corpses coming back to life, did they really expect it to be realistic? Supernatural horror is never realistic. So no worries there, none at all.


As long as they are scary. You can make demons however you like, you can make them up, or you can look up different well know demons from various myths, such as incubi and succubi. Yes, half deamons are aloud, but expect flames. Saying that, always expect flames, people on this site are like that. If you're using a specific demon, such as one from a holy book, I would suggest you do your research.


Harpies, sirens, dinosaurs, and whatever else. I can't be bothered to write anything for this, so, if you feel like putting them in, just do so and trust your own judgement.

And now, as always, just ignore everything I have told you, because I don't know what I'm talking about. Also, send me a review. Please?