Finally, chapter 6 of Clemëdri is here!

Chapter Six: Stormborn

Kefla gently picked up the Demon Hunter that was her father Antuir. His silken fur stuck tightly to her arm, and his blue eyes watched her mournfully.

We should go, Clemëdri said. Something's coming.

"What is it?" Kefla looked over at Mist, who was sniffing the air.

Quickly, elf. We must hurry back to the tower! the blue-green dragon told her urgently.

The three ran through the dark Forest, the two dragons bounding ahead on their light, springy legs. Kefla kept up a decent pace, an elf's natural agility lending speed to her body. As they ran, an eerie wind picked up, howling like wolves. Kefla urged herself faster, clutching Antuir to her chest. Shadowy mist began to curl its way around the tree trunks, writhing into different, terrifying shapes. Heart hammering, Kefla listened to the wind as she ran, for there was something else amid the howling. Whispers, as of many voices, endlessly murmuring and hissing. None of it was in a language Kefla recognized, and as the wind strengthened, the voices grew louder, until the entire Forest was filled with a deafening roar of whispers.

"What is this?!" she cried over the noise, but Mist just shook her head and leaped faster. Finally, they came to the abandoned watchtower and ducked inside, the whispers echoing around them. But here, where they were protected by the magic, it felt much safer.

This is how the Demon Huntresses are born, Clemëdri said in a hushed tone. In a storm of darkness.

Kefla sat down on the floor and listened to the voices as their murmuring rose and fell in waves. At the door, the shadow mist began to spin around, until a tornado of darkness was whipping by just beyond the reach of the magic. The whispers turned to screams, and Kefla covered her ears to attempt to drown out the sound. For what seemed like hours, the darkness storm raged on, and then stopped so suddenly the elf's ears rang with the silence of every creature being absolutely still.

In the Forest a little ways out from the watchtower was a creature's shape. Sides heaving, it stood up slowly and turned around. Kefla was sure her heart stopped when it fixed her with a glare from piercing eyes the color of lapis lazuli. With a snarl, it ran off into the woods.

"I'm not going out there again," the elf said immediately. "Not for a very long time."

There were some out there today, Mist pointed out.

"Yeah, but they didn't look at me," Kefla shuddered. "The thing acted like it was holding a grudge!"

Perhaps we should wait, Clemëdri noted. I have never seen one do that before.

It was a strong storm. That means it is powerful. Mist looked worried.

"If we're going to root out this darkness, we need to do it soon," Kefla decided, steeling herself to go back outside. "Which way from here to the edge of the Forest?"

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