Gabriel heard distant voices in the back of his mind, how that was possible he didn't know. Last thing he remembered was laying with Alex in the condo as it collapsed around him.

His head felt fuzzy, he had to open his eyes to see if he were dead, but he found that it was hard to get his body to cooperate with him.

He heard Samantha say," Thanks for coming Kelsey, the roses are beautiful."

He heard another familiar voice of a child say," I didn't come for you, you did everything you could to keep Lord Kleinias and Joachim apart and now thanks to that stupid love triangle Lord Kleinias is dead."

Gabriel focused on what the other person said that Lord Kleinias is dead. He found enough strength in his arms to move his hands to squeeze the covers of the blankets. He heard Sam say," Kelsey, you don't understand."

Kelsey spat angrily," What don't I understand? Do tell."

Samantha sighed and said," Nothing, we should watch what we say the drugs have probably worn off by now."

Drugged, that was the reason he couldn't get his body to function and the reason his head felt fuzzy, where could he be that he was drugged. This couldn't be heaven because in heaven he pictured that people wouldn't be arguing and talking about death, nor would it be so dark. Plus from what he always heard you don't go to heaven if you purposely kill yourself.

He was brought from his thoughts when he heard the child's voice say," I'm sorry, its just I loved him so much he was the only father figure that I knew and now he's gone."

Alex was gone, he couldn't nor would he believe it. Forcing his eyes to come open he looked at Samantha and said on the verge of tears," Alex can't be gone, tell me he is still alive, please Samantha."

Tears rolled down his face. Sam looked at the younger vampire beside her who was looking at the ground, then her focus went to Gabriel she said wearily," He's gone sweetheart, I examined him and there was a silver bullet in his heart and that kills us vampires."

Gabriel looked at his location, it wasn't the rubble. He was at the hospital he said angrily," Why am I here? Who brought me here? couldn't you see I wanted to die!"

The heart monitor started beeping Samantha said tenderly," It's okay, baby. Calm down everything will be alright."

Gabriel yelled," You want me to calm down?! I'm not calming down until I see Alex is alright, he's not dead. I don't believe you!"

Sam said," Gabriel, please calm down. I know how upset you are but I can't let you see him, not with your injuries or in the state your in."

Gabriel said his voice laced with venom," Fine don't take me to him," he started ripping the IV cords from his body," I'll go look for him myself and prove that you are wrong."

Kelsey grabbed Gabriel by the shoulders pinning him to the bed. Samantha called the doctors. Kelsey said gently," Calm down Joachim, if it make you feel any better. Lord Kleinais looked so peaceful, I have never seem him smile before, but when Sam and me got to you he seemed so peaceful. He loved you Joachim, and I know he wouldn't want you to die. He would want you to live your life."

Gabriel looked at her and could feel his body ache and his head started hurting he said crying," Why didn't I die with him?"

Kelsey replied," You almost did, you are lucky to be here with only the injuries you have. Samantha and I almost couldn't get to you."

Gabriel tried to get free from her but to no avail, the doctors came in and Gabriel felt a small pinch on the side of his neck. Then his body stopped moving, his head felt fuzzy the last thing he saw was Alex smiling at him while he played the guitar.

He whispered Alex's name before the drug took over.