Kelsey watched as the wolves charged at Chris, he was fighting pretty well against them. Kelsey turned into a wolf looking at Chris, she said, " Forget it, Chris you can't take on all these wolves and win and I'm not going to let you run away after what you said about Lord Kleinias."

Chris looked at her only to be tackled by three wolves, Kelsey watched as he flung them off of him, then she jumped on him. He flung her off she quickly got up, turning back to her normal self she said, " Bobby was an idiot for attacking the man Lord Kleinias loved, you should know the rules of the vampires by now. Or did you think that they were too stupid to follow? Lord Kleinias made these rules to keep us safe and to keep us in balance. He didn't hand me the spot of executioner for nothing."

Chris growled and said," Don't speak of Bobby that way."

Kelsey looked at him and replied coldly," It is alright for you to talk about Lord Kleinias, a man that I held dear, and you expect me not to do or say anything about it. I don't think so I will kill you."

Chris jumped at her only for her to look at him; then he stopped in mid-air and he hissed," Let me down from here this instant!"

Kelsey kept looking at him, she giggled and she said," I don't wanna, maybe if you say please."

Chris screamed and Kelsey sighed reaching into her pocket pulling out a small gun she pointed it at Chris' chest and pulled the trigger. Soon the vampire's screams were hushed, Kelsey threw him into a tree she put the small gun back into her pocket flipping her hair back and said tauntingly," I told you no one talks badly about my father."

She ran out of the woods.

Gabriel layed in the passenger seat as Samantha went inside to pack their clothes. He could feel the painkiller wearing off and his ribs started hurting; his head was spinning. He vowed to stay awake until Kelsey showed up safely, he saw Samantha packing many suitcases out to the car and placing them in the trunk. Samantha brought a cover out, opening his door, spreading the cover on him, he said," Sam, I want you to turn me into a vampire."

Samantha looked at him and replied," I would never do that to you, not even of you wanted it."

She was about to walk away but he grabbed her wrist and said," Please Sam, I want to be able to protect you and Kelsey not you always protecting me."

Samantha looked at Gabriel and shook her head, she remembered the stories that Alexander told her about how Joachim acted after he was turned into a vampire. He didn't want it back then but now that he was asking for the Dark Gift she wasn't so sure she should give it to him. He hated the vampire gift all those years ago what would make him so crazy about it now. She said," I can't do that Gabriel."

Gabriel asked," Why not Sam?"

Samantha still looked at him and said," Because you gave Alex torment when he gave you the gift of the vampire and I don't want that to happen again, I have done and lost one lover I'm not losing another."

She got out of his grip easily putting his arm inside the door and closed it she walked back into the house. Soon she opened her door setting in the seat, she looked at Gabriel who was looking at her he said," Can I have a cigarette?"

Samantha sighed and looked at him. He said, " Just one then that's it."

Samantha raised Gabriel's seat up handing him an unopened pack of Marlboro Lights, he unwrapped the paper opening the carton. He got a cigarette out and lit it. He put the back of it into his mouth, inhaling then exhaling. He smiled and closed his eyes, a cigarette would calm his nerves, it always did. Samantha never approved of them and from what he could tell, Alex didn't either.

Samantha saw Kelsey coming, once she got to the car she got in the back seat closing the door. Samantha drove away from the house, Kelsey asked," Where we going to live at now?"

Samantha said," Where ever you want to live."

Kelsey replied, " What about England?"

Samantha thought of England the last time she was there was when she first met Alexander in the streets in 1939, she smiled at the memory and said," Okay, sounds good to me. What about you Gabriel?"

Gabriel opened his eyes and looked at the two girls he said," England sounds good."

Samantha drove towards an airport. Gabriel threw the cigarette bud into the ashtray and covered up closing his eyes and going to sleep.