A Short Glossary

A brief intro and a list of terms to guide you as you read...

Magick: The manifestation of the elemental powers and spiritual energy. Usually exhibited in ways that seem impossible or awe-inspiring. There is a difference in the Wiccan circles between magic and magick. Magic is for Disney movies. Magick is what's real.

Athame: An unsharpened stick used in ritual magick, resembling a dagger. Used to cut energies as opposed to physical things.

Bolline: A short dagger used in ritual magick, sharpened and used to cut physical things, E.I. a hand for blood in ritual sacrifices and such.

Pentacles: Usually worn on a necklace of a wiccan or warlock. Resembles a pentagram, but is aversely right side up. Worn for protection and guidance.

Talisman: A necklace charm, worn and synonymous with the pentacles. A talisman, however, is a tad more personal, worn with a pentacle, usually.

Scrying: Seeing events, past present or future and all spiritual elements involved. Scrying can be done through water, mirrors, crystals—almost anything transparent. When witches or psychics see through crystal balls, they're scrying.

Herbs: Essential for most spell work. The list of herbs used in magick is a long as the list of herbs you can buy in the store. The one time I reference it I explain what each one does, so you won't be lost when it gets there.

The Lord and Lady: The guiding voices and spirit guides for the wiccan/warlocks. Their god and goddess, who protect and lead the faithful.

The Grey Witches

Chapter One

Explanation of The Four Powers

Though it is one of the most commonly known aspects of the craft, it is also the most misunderstood.

It isn't and never was necessary to have four sisters to call the corners. One witch could do it herself, make her own circle. But it would not be as powerful as with four, all filled with the power they called to merge as one in magick. Each sister not only called an element, but personified it. Their power mirrored their inner self and made it part of them.

There was a magnetism also, that would draw four together as sisters. The same kind that brought together The Grey Witches.

They were all from different covens. They began as teenagers, endeared by the idea of magick being real and controlling such awesome power. They thought nothing of the stigma the word "witch" brought and instead dove headfirst into the craft. In their beginnings, it was all about learning. Everything was an intense experience, and never a dull moment. It kept them in the grip of evil in their covens, an evil their intrigue blinded them to.

Once the mountain was climbed and the mystery revealed, it became about competition. Putting their knowledge to the test against their learned counterparts and sisters. They defeated, even surpassed and frightened their competition. This solidified their places in the upper echelons of their covens. This was where they plateaud. This was where the energy and mystery stopped. Where they began to see the truth.

Jelixa was the first to see it.