Homebrew Science Fantasy Arms

Summary: Rare gear for your Starfinder campaign, science fantasy story, or other space opera. In Dungeons and Dragons 3rd edition/3.5/Pathfinder first edition systems, there were "legendary" items: Gear that levelled up with the players. Here's a few suitable for a science fantasy world.

-Reflux (Caustoject, Acid Squirt Gun): This weapon is a Paraject series injection squirt pistol, used in cases where darts are unsuitable. A human scientist, plagued by acid reflux disease, used the device throughout his field research. He was mortally injured in the field, necessitating his mind being transferred into the nearest microprocessor. It just so happened to be the driver circuit of an injector pistol. While the pistol helps inject other chemicals into targets (both medicines and toxins), he eventually learns a few other tricks: Generating nanites, which temporarily hijack or confuse the target. His long-term goal is to regain a normal body, even if he has to take it from a target…or, potentially, his user. With a good relationship with his wielder, he may settle for a cloned, cyborg, or robot one. In game terms, the Reflux appears as a 'merciful' Castroject pistol.

-Roulette (Hand Cannon Revolver): Probability separates the models from reality, often unexpectedly. A mathematician made this weapon as a proof of concept. It integrates arcane and conventional technology into a bulky hand cannon revolver. There is a secondary trigger, however, which activates the gun's special mode. While it takes conventional ammunition by default, the special mode changes that. Each chamber delivers a special energy damage: Heat removal (cold), heat transfer (fire), corrosive (acid), vibration (sonic), or discharge (electricity). That removes the shell in the chamber, as though it was fired. However, the user cannot control which is activated. When this special mode is activated, the user rolls a d6 to determine which damage type is dealt. If the user performs any action that increases damage with additional ammunition expended (such as the double tap feat), only one type of damage is dealt.

-Birdhead (Swordcane): Birdhead appears as an old-fashioned umbrella, such as that an ancient governess or tutor might use. The users of this weapon have often been extraverted individuals or professional performers, or those who make a living from their intra-personal skills. Birdhead was used by a governess who took children on a number of adventures, seemingly walking through parallel realities. The weapon reappears at random times across history, often appearing as an umbrella with a hooked handle like a bird's head. As a special ability, the user might reroll a single d20 per day. In exchange, the person seems to draw the attention of supernatural or bizarre entities. In game terms, it is a swordcane with the 'glamour' fusion.

-Honesty (Warclub, Assault Hammer): This sledgehammer was used to breach doors for security forces in standoffs. The hammer has no special properties at first glance, but upon holding it, one feels something is different. One feels that the clearest route between two points is a straight line, that simple arguments can end complex arguments. The hammer grants a sort of mental acuity, a hard to quantify insight for debates, discussions, and combat. When up against a locked door, chest, or barrier, the user can summon this reserve to smash through. Against tougher foes (such as armored robots), the weapon is as effective as mining lasers. In game terms, it is a warclub or assault hammer with the 'penetrating' quality.

-Full Spectrum (Laser Rifle): Full Spectrum was originally a signal and utility laser, rather than a purpose-built weapon. It has been retrofitted with a stock and other features, including an automatic modulation circuit for its resonant cavity. While the damaging beam it emits is invisible to the naked human eye, the beam also passes through a material that generates a parallel beam at a lower, visible frequency (often red). This means that the beam often appears as a red "bolt," rather than a laser beam. The device adjusts itself to different environments, as it was originally designed as a communications device for different environments and worlds. In gameplay terms, it is a laser rifle with the 'trailblazer' fusion.

-Medicine Stick (Hunting Rifle): Sometimes, old ways are best. The Medicine Stick is a lever-action hunting rifle, a relic from a more (or arguably, less) civilized era. It is covered with feathers, teeth, and tokens from ancient hunts. However, trophies seemed to be taken respectfully, rather than wastefully. The user can intuit the relationships between organisms in a variety of ecosystems, from alien worlds to corporate boardrooms to robotic foundries. This seems to assist in determining the apex predators of any environment, from kaiju beasts to corporate executives, and potential ways to take them down. However, not every strategy will work, which is why the weapon has passed through many hands. Some say an ancient fey lord of hunting accompanies the weapon, assisting the user on hunting worthy game. In game terms, it is a hunting rifle that provides a bonus to perception, sensing motives, and survival.

-Lightshow (Rotolaser): Lightshow resembles a multi-barrel mini-gun, but made almost entirely from red crystal. It was designed to propel microsatellites and clusters of nanoscale probes to escape velocity from small moons and asteroids. While most of the beams it generates are invisible to the naked eye, it generates resonant frequencies in parallel "barrels" as it rotates. The result is a spectacular lightshow, when observed from a nice, safe distance. The laser mini-gun is best suited for use in vacuum, but it can work in most atmospheres with somewhat reduced range. It actually channels energy from other planes to function, in particular that of fire. A user becomes able to contact extraplanar entities when the weapon is fully charged, and to signal to them in combat with the light frequency. In game terms, it is a rotolaser with 'bright' feature and the ability to cast "Akashic Download" once per day. This may change as a user grows more comfortable with using it.

-Tack Driver (Dart Cannon): The Tack Driver was a nailer, a large device with a reservoir of compressed gas to discharge a cluster of rivets or nails. It is a professional tool used by engineers, construction workers, architects, and those familiar with building ships and structures. The savvier users are able to easily ferret out structural weakpoints, possible smuggling compartments, or historical information, by driving sample nails into the wall and reading sensor composition of materials, composition, age, and similar details. The database and user interface adjust itself to each new user, sometimes even suggesting structural upgrades to their ships or homes based on their habits. In gameplay terms, this is a dart cannon that grants professional bonuses to construction worker, architect, and similar occupations, as well as on engineering.