Sacrifice. All power comes with a price. I just didn't know that the price I would pay would be my life.

I didn't save the Nattael sovereign thinking that I would lose my life in the process. My eye caught the glint of light and before I realized what I was doing I tackled Kierum. I hadn't stopped to think what would happen if the arrow pierced my flesh instead of Kierum's.

I hadn't thought that far ahead.

All I thought about was saving the Nattaelian who went out of his way to be kind to me. I wanted to repay his kindness, but not with my blood.

The arrow protruding from the gaping hole on my left side was proof that I could indeed repay kindness with blood. Instinctively, I pressed my hand over the wound in a futile attempt to stop the bleeding. It wouldn't matter how much blood I lost, the arrows yellow tipped feathers gave away its poisonous nature. I had a little under ten minutes to live.

Hands pulled me gently onto my back and my eyes flickered up to meet Kierum's wide, grey eyes. He stared down at me in disbelief before turning to shout orders to the warriors surrounding us.

"Search the area for the assassin; make sure the one responsible is found." He slipped an arm beneath my legs and shoulders and gently lifted me. "Alert the medical team that I'm bringing Bryony to the infirmary. I want the antidote ready by the time we get there."

My stomach burned, each step he took sent jolts of pain up my body. I felt tears well up and squeezed my eyes shut.

It shouldn't have ended like this.

There were so many things I wanted to do before I died. So many things I left unfinished. So many regrets.

Now all that was left was the pain.

White colored shapes worked frantically above me, their alien like faces blurred and deformed. A woman with wide brown eyes brought her face closer to mine and began talking anxiously in a language I could no longer understand.


Her name skittered across my mind for a second before the pain chased away all other thoughts. My body burned and wreathed as I arched against the restraining hands. My teeth clenched tight in an effort to hold in my was another flurry of movement above me as the white blurs became more frantic. White and red blurred together perfectly and distantly I realized that the red was my blood. Red on white, blood on hands.

A syringe pressed into my arm and finally I couldn't hold back my screams. My breaths came in short gasps that left my lungs burning and my body craving oxygen.

Then everything went silent. The blurs above me began to darken and fade and numbness began to spread.

Was this what it was like to die?

In a moment of clarity I realized I was taking my last breaths and it was nothing like I thought it would be. I didn't see flashes of my life explode before my eyes and a holy light didn't reach down to welcome me into a heavenly perch.

Instead I saw nothing. I felt nothing.

The last ray of light left my vision as my eyes drifted shut. At least the darkness no longer held any pain.

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