WARNING: I write stories spanning various subjects and post them in public, unfiltered forums such as here on dA, LJ, AO3, , and several other places. Please note that some topics may be a tad touchy, and for the sake of not offending anybody, here is a list of warnings for things you can expect to find in my stories, including (but not limited to):

rape, murder, torture, major character death, minor character death, incest, no respect for personal boundaries, drugs, alcohol, profanity, indecency, pornography, graphic depictions of violent acts, verbal abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse, BDSM, dub-con, adoption issues, conception issues, words that were offensive 200 years ago but are common usage in today's vernacular, jabs at the English, jabs at Americans, jabs at the Welsh, jabs at most of Europe in fact, fluff, crack, smut, angst, uniforms, dogs, jokes that didn't work as well on paper as they had in my head, painfully unfunny puns, sodomy, slash, happily married couples that don't get violently torn apart over stupid petty fights, couples breaking up over stupid petty fights, divorce, insecurity, parents not knowing how to raise children, people doing the right things for wrong reasons, people doing wrong things for the right reasons, stereotypes, betrayal, zombies, derogatory words against zombies, brutal zombie death, badly-represented regional dialect, generally bad writing, het, children, kid!fic, pets, pet!fic, deliberate censorship, gratuitous strings of profanity, characters insulting other characters, sports injuries, cars, people driving cars, people not knowing how to drive cars, first-time!fic, slutty characters, bad characterisation, possible mary sues, RPF, fan fiction, moments of OOC, men crying, women crying, transvestites crying, children crying, pregnancy, childbirth, children getting sick, children dying, smoking, men behaving badly, women behaving badly, children behaving badly, cats, political remarks, remarks against the republican party, remarks against the democratic party, remarks against the green party, remarks against the labour party, jabs against he monster raving loony party, remarks against any other party I can't think of right now, crossovers, derogatory remarks against alien species, ignoring parts of canon, ignoring parts of extended canon, ignoring parts of "it takes place in the same universe but isn't really canon at all," including bits of extended canon, including bits of "it takes place in the same universe but isn't really canon at all," fanon, bad research, making shit up as I go along, completely bullshitting details, overly researching other details, bad grammar in dialogue, and occasional instances of "I didn't think this all the way through" -- Just to name a few.

In short, I apologise if I offend anyone, but you have been appropriately warned for any and all content contained in my stories. The opinions and views expressed in these stories do not necessarily reflect those of the author. Read at your own risk.