July 30, 1993, screams could be heard coming from two rooms in St. Joseph's hospital. Born only ten minutes apart – Devon Shale and Eryn Shale. Horrible coincidence we had the same last name. I suppose we were destined to be friends, after all, the nurses put us in cribs next to one another when we were in the nursery. Then again, those same nurses mixed up the babies and gave them to the wrong families. Good thing we weren't the same gender, or I might be living with the wrong set of parents.

Anyway, after the mix up, the right babies were given to the right parents. That was how our parents met. Nothing major was thought of the meeting, until three years later when my family moved. Surprise, surprise! – That the same family should be our new neighbors. My parents thought it was destiny and a year later, they started a partnership in blind manufacturing that now (12 years later) is the largest in the state.

But the business side didn't matter to me. As I grew up, I grew used to seeing my neighbors at my house every night. For the first five years, every business meeting was held in a small room in the back of my house. While my parents talked advertising and production, Devon and I became an inseparable pair of trouble makers. In all honesty, Devon was really the mastermind – I just went along for the thrill.

When we finally started school, everyone thought we were brother and sister. The fact that we had the same last name made the conclusion seem more valid. We didn't mind it at the time. We spent every waking minute together, he was my brother. He ate from my fridge, played with my toys, got me in trouble – all the things siblings do.

Middle school rolled around, and we started to go our separate ways. He was finally introduced to guy world and me to girl world. Guy world fascinated me more, for the most part. Still couldn't understand the fascination with passing gas or picking my nose, but Devon swore it was part of the guy handbook. Thankfully, I was a girl.

However, every rule in the 'girl handbook' was eventually broken. I never wore skirts, I detested makeup, and I never liked boys. Boys were boys. They picked their noses and passed gas: nothing really attractive there — except for Devon. Devon wasn't a boy, he was Devon.

Eventually high school came around. We stuck together for the first two years. Devon had the strange notion to start a rumor about us being twins born from different mothers. People believed it, or rather, still believe it. How are you a twin if you're born from a different mother?! Anyway, people were stupid enough to believe it, and we shared a lot of laughs about that one topic.

It was probably during high school where puberty hit me. I had it a lot easier than most people I suppose. Acne wasn't a nightmare for me, and I grew quickly. My body filled out normally, and I became insatiate with an incombustible amount of energy. I became addicted to basketball, and if I wasn't at school or with Devon, I was at the court practicing free-throws or layups.

Of course, those were the nice parts about puberty. The annoying parts were the crazy hormonal imbalances or rather, hormones in general. Devon didn't just become Devon anymore: he became extremely good looking Devon. Every girl at Eagle High agreed. He had dark brown hair which had the propensity to grow quickly, constantly giving him 'the shag' look. I hated it when his hair got long and hung in his face – it covered his hazel eyes, which still danced with mystery and mischief.

He quickly became popular. All the sports stars envied him. He didn't have to play sports, he didn't have to be valedictorian, he didn't even have to really show up for school – he was always the talk amongst the girls. It used to bother me, until I opened my eyes one day and realized the girls were right. Devon had HOT encoded in his DNA. And, slowly but surely, I began to fall for him.

That was my secret for this year. You see, Devon and I had a tradition that started years ago. My family had gone on vacation, and in the process we missed each other's birthday. In reality, it was both our birthdays; but, none the less, we missed it. I hadn't had time to buy his birthday gift. The day we arrived back, he shoved a box in my hands and waited expectantly for me to give him something. I didn't have anything and came up with, what I thought to be, an ingenious plan.

Instead of a gift, I told him I'd give him a secret. I didn't think he would agree to it, but he seemed intrigued. I told something simple about always wanting to see "The Phantom of the Opera." That sparked the tradition we call 'Secrets.' Yes, I know, very original. So now, every birthday we tell each other what we consider to be our biggest secrets.

It was our sixteenth birthday. I was getting annoyed with butterflies and having to see him every day without him ever knowing that I was slowly falling for him. He knew all the other girls were, but he didn't know I was. In honesty, I wasn't falling for him anymore. I had fallen for him and was madly in love with him.

In a sense, I was scared. We had always had a deathly close bond, and he might start thinking of me as just another girl instead of as Eryn Shale: His twin from another mother.

The leaves of the large oak I was seated under danced to the tune of the summer wind. I pulled on the blades of grass, separating them into smaller and smaller strings until I began my demolition on the next structure. I rested my head against the trunk of the tree and listened to the other noises of the park. Children were laughing in the distance, and a few dogs would bark every once in a while to add some flavor to the monotonous silence.

I felt someone brush against my arm. The sparks shot up my arm, and without looking, I already knew who was seated next to me. It took him long enough! I looked over at him and smiled.

"Happy Birthday!" I sing-songed feeling the butterflies begin to stir.

He turned and smiled at me. His smiles normally took my breath away, but this one didn't. Something was wrong; I saw it in his eyes. They normally sparkled with mischief and excitement – especially on days like this. But there was no sparkle, no glisten. Just a glazed look of anxiety and insomnia.

His smile faded when he noticed I was scrutinizing him.

"What's wrong?" I furrowed my brow.


"Don't try and deny it, something is wrong. It's written all over your face."

"Your mom writes all over my face." The corners of his mouth twitched up, and I could see just a glint of something in his eyes. Something was still wrong, but his tactics at changing the subject always worked.

"Shut up!" I smacked his arm only to earn another laugh from him. I hated 'your mom' jokes, and he knew that all too well.

"Do you have my secret ready?" he teased.

"Sure do. But it is your turn to go first this year."

His eyes stopped dancing then. So there was something wrong, but it involved the secret. I was a bit relieved. At least it wasn't something serious, right?

"Um, are you sure it's my year to go first?"

I nodded. "Yeah. Even for Devon, Odd for Eryn."

"Who came up with that stupid rhyme?"

"You did."

"Right," he sighed. "Well, my secret. Um…"

He was starting to annoy me. The longer he prolonged the secret, the more I was going to second guess myself and end up backing out of telling him my secret.

"Dude!" I was getting impatient. After all, he did make me wait a whole hour before deciding to show. "Just spit it out."

"Eryn, this is different to all my other secrets. It's pretty big and I don't know how to really phrase it."

His seriousness wasn't affecting me at all. I know, I'm not that much of a caring friend, but what would you do with a secret that was threatening to eat you from the inside out?!

"Devon –" I never got to finish.

"I'm gay."

Wait, what?!

A/N:So the long awaited "Straight for You" has partially begun. I was getting worried you were starting to get annoyed, so I thought I'd post at least the Prologue. But, don't hate me because I won't be adding Chapter 1 for at least a month. This is just to wet your appetite for what's in store. My writer's mojo is a little AWOL right now, so bear with me. I haven't forgotten about you guys. Anyway, hope you enjoyed. Let me know what you think!