When: Sunday, March 21, 2010

Time: 1:49p.m

I want to run away

But to where would I run?

I don't want to share

This place with anybody else

I would run to nowhere.

Nowhere there are gray skies

Always raining down with

Just the pure enjoyment and peace

Of nothing, of cleaning no filth.

I want to be with you

But with who would I be with?

The loser has always won

If I've always played by myself

I could play with no one.

No one is very special to me

My very best friend

To cry, to laugh, to hate, to love

Forever, until the end.

I want to have something special

But what would I have?

To make anyone green

With envy and jealousy

I could just have nothing.

Nothing is so wonderful, so full

So beautiful, shining and proud

It's everything so simple—or not

Just one me, or a full crowd.

I want to hear no evil

But what exactly is its sound?

I believe it may echo my fear

Broken promises and consuming lies

If only I could hear.

I want to see no evil

But what exactly is its look?

The darkness that makes me scream

If I can't see it, it doesn't exist

If only I could see.

I want to speak no evil

But what exactly is its voice?

With every threatening creak

My throat tightens, my tongue burns

If only I could speak.

I want to live nowhere

I want to be no one

I want to have nothing

That way

I can hear no evil

I can see no evil

I can speak no evil

And that would be simply it.