She leapt up like a rainbow trout:

Stretching to seize that single-breath shimmer of color—

she thought of pink lemonade filled

with gurgling baby smiles,

punctuated by endearing gapped teeth.


She felt filled with Sweet

She could burst with the Sweetness

Like the juicy pulp of fruit

Squeezed between strong fingers

and the liquid joy would squirt out.


So often they were lost in Shadow,

That to walk in the Sun was something marvelous and new.

Squinting with newborn baby-bat eyes,

They hungrily drank in the Sun,

Strong and bright;

A little painful at first,

But oh so



Joy stung and welled in the corner of their eyes,

Like little iridescent bubbles, overflowing with a

Strange and wondrous emotion

That their marveling mouths could not name.


They tasted the word, the Sun

With these new pink tongues;

And they found laughs hiding in their throats:

Beautifully hatching, the laughs would flutter out

to catch the color of the Sun

on their warm wings.

I wanted to write about something joyful and uplifting for a change.