The 4 men stand at the end of the alley. The one that stands out the most, the clear leader, is dressed in black with small white details that stand out, like the stripe in his hair, the white bow tie and the skull on his cane. He's smirking, looking ever the gentleman. His pocket watch catches the moonlight and shines.
Standing next to him is a person whose blonde hair shines from underneath the black top hat. His face is blank, devoid of emotion. His white shirt matches his hair in brightness, the only colour about him.
On the gentleman's other side is a figure dressed all in black. No colour at all, just the faint glint of a nose piercing and small stretchers in both ears. The smirk on his face shows this is not someone to be messed with.
The final man is the brightest. White shirt with a black waistcoat. Small and thin, he doesn't look much. His curious look only serves to make him seem more insignificant.

The unfortunate victim of these men is a woman, transfixed by the slowly moving pocket watch. She is bedecked in jewellery, both tasteful and tacky. Her eyes follow it, and eventually close. When this happens, the small, thin figure moves towards her, never taking his eyes from her. She is sporting a ring on her finger, over a pair of delicate white gloves. This is removed and admired. He moves back to his place.

The blonde is next, and he divests her of the watch on her wrist, and one of her necklaces. He shows emotion as he takes the necklace, smirking slightly at their ruse. His expression can be described as school-boy like. He darts back to his place in the line up, and the emotion is gone.

The dark figure is suddenly next to the lady. Her colourful beads around her neck are quickly removed, as are her remaining pearls. He is gone, and then back in his place.

The pocket watch stops, but the victim does not stir. The small fellow turns to leave, but is stopped by the cane at stomach height. Keeping up the gentlemanly pretence, he goes up and takes the hand that so recently held a ring, and brings it to his lips.

He turns, and leaves, followed by the three other men. Their victim does not, and will not wake.