A/N: Hey, first submission! I had this idea in a dream, with influence from several other sources of course (comic books, literature, film and the like), the dream slowly blossomed into an idea for a piece of fiction. If this sounds a little too familiar to anyone, please let me assure you that any resemblance to any work of fiction here or anywhere is purely coincidental, honest.


Smallworld - Introductions

"Hey! My name's Cody Mackenzie, I live in the south district of the beautiful city of Newport. I'm about five feet ten and a half with pretty messy dirty-blonde hair and sea-green eyes, my girlfriend, Sam always tells me I've got the kind of eyes that she can just swim in, but I think she's just flattering me, anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, appearance, almost got sidetracked talking about Sam... She's amazing. I mean, I find it kinda hard not to think about her: with her silky dark hair and those bangs that frame her face just the right way, and that cute button nose and those gorgeous purple-brown gem – Oh yeah, her eyes have a different flavour to most people, I think she said she got that from her mom, chemical accident or something I forget – Hey don't look at me like that! You'd probably paid as much attention to what she was saying as I did if you were faced with that gorgeous face of hers, her long, dark, silky hair, that cute button nose, and the – Wait, hold on a sec, I just got sidetracked again! Goddamnit!

Anyway, I think I've told enough about Sam, I mean I've already told you how amazing I think she is, I think I've told you enough about me too now that I think about it. I'm gonna be honest, I'm hardly the ideal model of a guy, I mean I'm shorter than most guys and to be honest, having a girl like Sam in my life, I see myself in the mirror and think 'Wow... She's going out with that?' Actually, I'm being too hard on myself, I'm not bad-looking, just a little above average I think, well, Sam doesn't seem to think so, so I suppose I'm getting myself worked up over nothing... Gah! Again with Sam, you see? This is how much I obsess over her! Okay, I'm going to try and get off her case and tell you about the other things in my city... Now...

I said now.


She's also a were-cat...

You heard me, a were-cat... She just, transforms into a cat! I dunno where she got it from but at times, it's adorable and others, it's like 'What the fuck? Where did that come from?!' Mind you, I suppose were-cat's a bit misleading, I mean she can actually transform at will: any time, any place, anywhere; doesn't even lose what she's wearing... Don't ask me how that works because if I did, I'd probably find myself hounded by were-wolves, were-rabbits, hell even were-rats (no you didn't misread, there are were-rats where I live) 24 hours a day. Okay... I think I've run out of steam on the topic of my amazing girlfriend... Hold on, what's inoinoawe;oijhn;lwhean[0hu32p9hkla\; hi this is Sam, Cody's sleeping (he's so cuuuute when he's sleeping after sex, I think maybe I'll curl up next to him when I'm done) now let's see, what was he writing about... Ah, an introduction for newcomers? Aww, he's so generous it makes me shake thinking about it – in a good way of course. Okay, from what I can see, he's told you plenty about me, so I think I'll do the honours of telling you about his friends, family, and the place we live.

Okay, I don't think I can start without mentioning the person who's been in Cody's life longer than I have; I'm talking of course about the one and only Jake Friday! I've only met him a few times so I really can't tell you that much about him, save that he's a zombie and he swears a lot – now for those of you freaking out thinking 'oh no! Zombies! They've come to eat our brains!', these guys aren't your typical George Romero zombies that some freaks know and love (one of them who's sleeping at this very moment ;)), no, these guys retain most of their intellect, hell I think some of them even featured in a few of Romero's films as actors. Anyway, Jake, and most others like him in Newport, slap preservative on their skin, all over, like sun-tan, so they don't rot away. Anyway, he's pretty tall – taller than Cody anyway, and with only the one eye, but he says he's getting a new one fixed later this week, 'til then, he's got this funny little glass eye that he says he inherited from his great-great grandfather who fought in a war or something... I don't really know that much more about him to be honest so I'm going to skip over to Cody's parents – oh man what a bunch of cases, I tell you! Both of them are pro assassins and from what I hear, they are damn good at their jobs, I've heard they've even got supernatural powers, I think his dad's either got super strength or time warping powers, and his mom's got telekinesis or the power of flight... Maybe even both, man that'd be awesome, I wish I could fly or lift things with my mind, it'd take a load off the manual stuff you know? Anyway, I met 'em for the first time about eight months ago, and I remember when I first saw them, I thought 'these guys are hitmen?!' or should that be 'hitpeople', I dunno. Seriously though, they look like any other mom and dad, seemed to think parently things to Cody... I dunno... I think that really got to me then, I mean, when Cody told me both his parents were assassins I thought 'wow, another person like me?', only I knew that was a lie from the start because, you know, he knew his parents from the start, while I... Well, I never did, I lived in an Orphanage for most of my life until I turned seventeen. Anyway, enough chit-chat, parents: hitpeople, best friend: zombie. I could talk about some of my friends but its Cody's thing and I don't want to make it seem like I'm butting in on his thing. Speaking of Cody... be right back...

Cody here again, man Sam was in one helluva mood when she got here, snuck into my apartment as a cat and then – pow! Right on top of me! Trust me when I say that it was an experience; I wonder what got her like that? Oh well, back to work. I see Sam's told you about Jake and my folks, Karen and Mikhail; yes that does sound like an Eastern European name, apparently, his dad was Ukrainian. Right, I think it's time I told you about the city of Newport, pretty imaginative name huh? Yeah, I thought so to. Anyway, there's loads to do here, it's just like any other city, there's fast food lots, shopping malls, even a few national parks dotted around the place – one not far from where I live in fact, fancy restaurants, nightclubs, bars, movie theatres, you name it, we've got it. I really don't think I can imagine living anywhere else... From what I've told you, this may sound like any other city on the planet, well, honestly, I suppose it is, in fact, there's only one thing that really differentiates us from every other place you've ever visited: the supernatural creatures that live here. In case the fact that my best friend's a zombie and my girlfriend's a were-cat didn't tip you off, this city has everything from gnomes to gremlins, and vampires to aliens, not that many of the latter though, which is a shame I think, I met an alien couple not two weeks ago, great people, had a little trouble with their names though. Anyway, yeah, this is a supernaturalist enthusiasts' dream-world, you want to see were-wolves? We got werewolves. You want to see Bigfoot? I saw him taking a stroll around the East District Park not two days ago with his dog. I even met a vampire named Edward! Word of advice though girls, don't go near him – he acts like that guy from that book but he's a real mean player; the way he was looking at Sam made me want to tear his ass up good and proper.

But enough about my life now, I've given you a little insight as to my life here, and hopefully – barring the whole were-cat/zombie relationship thing I've got going on, it should have convinced you that my life here is just as ordinary as anyone else's, don't get me wrong though, if you're looking for excitement, there's more than enough of that to go around. So come on, don't be intimidated by the freaky fish-man thing driving the bus, or the Cyclops bouncers at the clubs, get outside, look around, make some friends with some very interesting people – have a ball. Once you adjust, I know you're gonna find life great here.


Cody Mackenzie"