My heart has gone,
abandoned me forever.
Tired of loving others who don't know of it
nor will believe of its very existence.
Every expressed emotion ignored by the world and everyone in it.
My heart is tired and hurt.

Blood that once filled it,
no longer there,
instead drenched in dust and air.
Heated passion in which love prevails,
now taken over by sadness and despair.

Confused by all thoughts, feelings, and dreams,
and far beyond comprehension.
A heart craving for love
gets served loneliness instead.

A hole currently occupies where once a heart beat
now love has nothing to meddle with.
Not only has my heart gone,
but my sanity and soul has gone with it.
There is no propose to live without it,
No way to love or be loved.

My heart, my heart,
how I want you back.
For I want to be loved,
need to be loved,
Desire to love.