Author's Note. . .

Okay, so here is another little poem album that I decided to publish, just to get some more of my work out there. There aren't very many poems in here. . . for now I have just decided to publish the ones that aren't horrible. But I may publish some of the older, crappier ones as well. . .

All of the poems you see in this mini-album I wrote when I was in the 6th grade. This first one I wrote for a report on Edgar Allen Poe. Part of that project was to write your own poem in the style of the poet that you were reporting on. So this depressing little diddy was born! :P It probably isn't very like anything that Poe has written, but I didn't think it was too horrible.

Oh! And these are pretty much the original poems. This one I revised just a little bit to make it sound better, but I only changed/added a few lines. Sooo. . .

Read and Enjoy! And please review!


My Parakeet Has Issues


Since this was written for an asignment I was pretty much pulling it out of nowhere and wrote with no actual emotion. So I'm not really sure what the "it" is that I refer to throughout half of the poem. :-/

The Mirror

I stare into the bleak glass

and see the reflection of the world.

Black clouds circling overhead

Hue-less lives filled with dread.

Crimson water, the color of blood

Hatred rains from above.

Hear those colorless lives crying,

see those dark lives dieing

Feel the pain in the air.

Others are exposed to this

Still, they do not care.

People say that we've come so far.

From the apes that we once were.

That we're civilized. . .


How can this be?

We've only developed technology.

I do not see it.

I don't believe it.

I can't conceive it.

I just don't feel it.

How can this be it?

All I see are beasts

fighting over a scrap of meat.

Fighting just to gain dominance

False respect.


Can this really be it?

But look! Sunshine silhouettes the parting clouds!

The sun shines on the ones around us

who fill our lives with joy

and the hope that we might just evolve.