Author's Note. . . Okay, so, this poem isn't very good as far as poetry elements go. . . It has a fairly simple rhyme scheme, and I thought that it was just kind of cute.

So. . . Enjoy! And please review!


My Parakeet Has Issues

Ode to Rats

Some say that you are horrid,

and annoying little pests

But when it comes to small pets

I say that you're the best!

Some say your tails are scaly

And that it really creeps them out,

But it's that long, scaly tail,

that I couldn't live without!

Some say that you're long nails are scratchy

Well, I suppose it's true. . .

But those long, sharp nails are the things

that make me love you!

Some despise

your beady eyes

I say that they

hypnotize. . .

So now my darling, little rat,

I must tell you the truth. . .

I love


my precious rat

Yes, I really do!