Rough jean fabric

Tantalizing and teasing

The hairs on my arms with

Reminiscent memories of playground fun.

Dolls tangled in one another,

Blonde and black hair mixed as one.

Knotted and tangled with no hope to


Down the long hallway,

The memories of prepubescent years,

Given away at the order of Dad.

Siobhan's door,

Big, pink, and locked.

Pound, pound, pound,

My body rams against the door.

Pound, pound, crash

The door opens without warning.

Legs sprawled, arms crushed as

I lay upon the pink carpeted floor.

Siobhan looks happy

For me?

I glare solemnly,

My gifts of preteen life given

Away on a whim.

"If you want them."

A glance at the pink vanity.

A glance at Siobhan,

Twisting and turning as all girls do.

Dancing with dolls,

My dolls.

Jealousy is a big green monster.

Rising within me.

Before now, I'd never thought of jealousy,

The hate it induces,

The want it provides.

And all I want is that doll.

I want her stripped of her preteen years,

Just as I was,

Just as I am.

To feel loss and disappointment.

To be so angry she wants to cry.

For one second I lose all control.

I want her to feel that loss of control.

I rip the doll out of her hands.

Take it in mine and run.

Down the twisting hallway,

Ignoring her pleas.

Where are you taking her?

To be honest, I don't know,

I don't care.

All I know,

All I care about,

Is that I want this doll.

I want it more than life itself.

I realize it's petty jealousy.

But I don't care.

When jealousy rears its big, ugly head,

Things turn big and ugly.

Tears pour out of little girl eyes,

Hate pours out of big girl bodies.

And all you know,

All you want,

All you care about,

Is that one object of your affection.

A.N: So for English we had to rewrite a fable. Mine was the Dog and the Ox and this is the rewritten version. Fictionpress doesn't allow a certain format that it was in and so it doesn't look as cool here as it does on paper. But whatever. Enjoy. R&R please