There was a time when I was so deep down,

So nestled in your safety

That nothing could touch me.

Wings of steel,

Lips of liquid,

Fingers like a thousand fires.

Oh, I was happy.

You gave me all sorts of visions,

The right ones, too.

The ones I wanted to see.

You drowned me,

Held me down,

And smiled while doing it.

Things were better then?

Asleep, the world was strange

But soft

And manageable.


The contrast is so far

I'm wondering if these people have heard of a filter.

Of things like "subtlety",



But who the hell am I.

I threw you into a corner,

I don't even know why.

I left you there,

I wish I could take you back

But I can't.

Husked out,

All I do is smoke now,

All I do is dream now.

But it's not the same.

Memories of wings,

The ghost of your kiss,

And the ash sifting off your brittle hands

Is all I've got left.

Some pictures I don't remember,

Some memories I didn't have before.

Things might be better now,

But I think I liked it the other way.