You're not alone, honey.

After Skylar helped me off the floor we went into the room we were in earlier, they called it the Day room.

I sat on a chair next to Skylar. Everyone was in the room, all eight of them.

Finally I would get some answers.

"Tell us why you're here." Skylar said to me. I took a deep breath.

I didn't know how much she wanted to know.

"I came to Boston to look for my birth mother." I said.

I looked around the room. All of their eyes were focused on me.

"I just found out yesterday that I was adopted. My real parents don't know who my birth mother is though." I explained. I told them about the gas station and how my father said what he saw. "So I ran away. I had to come find her. The only clue I had was this."

I went into my jean pocket and pulled out the nametag.

"I assumed she worked there or maybe she still does. I just need to find her. Maybe she can give me some answers." The tears welled up in my eyes. When would I ever stop crying?

"Answers about what?" Jade asked.

"What Rhyon saw." Skylar said answering.

"Well we don't know what Rhyon saw Skylar. Go ahead and finish Silver." Jade said rolling her eyes at her sister.

"What did Rhyon see?" I finally asked.

They all looked at Rhyon. Rhyon smirked.

"I told you already." He said. "Jake."

They all looked back at me.

"Who is Jake?" Jade asked.

"He's my boyfriend." I said. The tears were oceans. "I don't know what happened. We were in his room. I tried to push him off of me and then he flew. I-I-I-I-I-I, I pushed him, up into the ceiling and then he fell. And now he's in a coma. And the police want answers; they won't believe me. I told them what happened. They think I'm lying. That's when my dad told me what he saw with my birth mother. He thought it was connected. I'm not quite sure but. I just wanted to find her."

Skylar rubbed my back.

"You said in the kitchen something about having powers too. And when I was ease dropping you knew about my mom but I hadn't told you about her. And what exactly did Rhyon see?" I was beyond frustrated. I wanted answers.

Skylar smiled.

"Silver. Do you believe in fate? Because I do."

"What?" I asked.

"You pushed Jake, with an extreme amount of force that isn't humanly possible. Your father said he saw your birth mother move things with her mind. And then you end up here, in a house full of people who can do those exact same things and more."

"At the bar. I knew you needed a place to stay and I knew you were looking for someone who could move things because I read your mind."

I stared at Skylar skeptical. She had to be shitting me.

"No, I'm not shitting you." She smiled.

Whoa! What the freak? She heard that?

"Yeah I heard that."

I looked around the room. Could they all hear me?

"No, I'm the only one that can read minds." Skylar said. I raised my eyebrows. I wish she would stop answering my thoughts.

"Sorry." Skylar said. "It's a habit. I only do it around people who know I can read minds. That's how I saw what Rhyon saw. I read his thoughts."

I looked at Rhyon. Okay, so what the hell did he see?

"Rhyon?" Skylar asked.

Rhyon smirked.

"When I touched your hand I saw it. I saw what you did to Jake. I saw it as if I was there in the room with you when it happened."

Skylar heard my thoughts; Rhyon touched me and saw what happened? Who were they?

"We're like you Silver." Skylar said answering my thoughts. "We're special."

"Special like what? Because you think you have powers. What are you? Witches or something?"

"God, how many more mundane questions are you going to continue to ask? We're witches yes." Sapphire rolled his eyes annoyed. "What are you not getting through that skull of yours? What you did to your little boyfriend was real. You possess powers. And so do we." He said bluntly.

I was started to feel dizzy.

Skylar rolled her eyes at Sapphire. "Sapphire she doesn't understand! None of us did at first. So stop attacking her!" Skylar turned to me. "Do you want to go and rest Silver?"

"I don't know." I said confused. "I should go. I should leave. I should've just stayed at home." I said. There was no way any of this could be happening. I stood up to go.

"Star." Skylar said. I saw one of the identical twins walk over to me, the one with a pink bow in her dark black hair.

"Silver. You're tired. Go upstairs and rest." She said looking directly into my eyes. I blinked several times.

I found myself walking up the stairs, going to the room that I was given, getting in the bed and instantly falling into a deep sleep.


So the last few chapters have been kind of short but they will get longer for the next two or three. So the cat is finally out of the bag. We know that Rhyon can see things that have happened in the past if he touches a person. Skylar can read minds. And Star used mind control on Silver. Keep reading to find out what the rest of the gang can do, who they are, where they are from, and how did they all end up together. There is a whole lot of explaining that needs to be done. Hoped you liked it. The title of this chapter is a line from Evanescence song Understanding. The chorus was perfect for explaining how Silver feels in this chapter. This song is amazing. Anyway Read & Review :)