You are mesmerising, dizzying,
like the slow circles you trace on my leg;

I'm dark corners and edges and spaces in between;
And you have to know, with the way you bury your face in my brittle bones,
press your nose to my hair,
your cheek to my knife-edge shoulder blade;

But you are softness and light and longing;
The way your shaky fingers curl around mine,
anchoring me, stabilising me,
like you're scared I'm going to fly away.

I could tiptoe across
the glass-pane fragility of your gaze
(as if looking at me too long or hard would break me);

I could take a running leap off the edge of
the smile in your voice when you pick up the phone;
I could close my eyes and drown in
the sadness behind the way you say, You amaze me.

Look at us,
we could be any other two people, any other two foolish kids,
anyone but us,
fighting fate anywhere but here.

I could fall for you;
I am.

For the quiet intensity that burns behind those eyes,
And the way you hold me like you're holding me together,
like you'll never let me go;

Those wrists, those eyelashes, those fingertips,
that laugh, that crooked tooth;

Your feather-light kiss, your whisper-touch;
The feel of your breath on my bare skin,
the jolting-hand Etch-a-Sketch chills you send down my spine;

I would kiss your scars,
wrap myself around your pulse and beat in time,
would break my soul to heal you;

I would lock you away in my shattered heart,
and love you until we were both whole again.

You are beautiful, brilliant,

You are

You are