Summary: She's a thief masquerading as a school girl. He's an assassin disguised as a butler. They know nothing about each other except that each stands in the other's way. They have nothing in common. He's been a killer since birth. She's steals because life got boring. Perfect match no?

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by Linkin Park

The Perfect Contradiction

Chapter 1: Artemis Nightingale

Artemis Nightingale, from birth, had been born into the life of an aristocrat. Whatever she wanted, anything at all, she just had to open her pretty little mouth, batt her large violet orbs and form a small pout. Her father had spoiled her with the most extravagant clothes money could buy and bought her every stuffed animal in the world. Artemis had a fondness for stuffed toys, they kept her company during her childhood days along with her nannies. During her preadolescence years, Artemis wasn't like other wealthy children. She didn't throw a tantrum every few seconds because something wasn't right. She wasn't rude to her parent's guests or turn her nose up at her friends. No. Her mother had taught her manners. Se had taught Artemis to hold her head high. She had taught her poise and always told her that in public, she must act like a lady. And so a lady did Artemis act.

For a while that's how Artemis behaved. She kept to herself at school and focused on her studies, at least up until the end of elementary school. By middle school, Artemis had become rambunctious and wild. She had found a fiery passion for gymnastics and worked extremely hard to become the best, which she did by the start of high school. During her middle school years, her mother had died due to cancer leaving Artemis all alone. Her father remarried almost immediately and to a very unpleasant woman named Talia.

By high school, Artemis had found her life too boring. Nothing seemed to excite her. Money meant nothing. She could care less about fashion. She had lost her way. It was during a warm mid autumn's evening when the nostalgic electrifying sensation returned to her body. She had snuck out of her house to roam around town without an escort when she happened to come across a fight. Unbeknownst to her, she had accidentally rescued a thief that day.

"Run." the boy said, grabbing her arm and pulling her through the empty streets, taking her down several different alley paths and eventually stopping in a run down building. They both sat, completely exhausted and out of breath. The boy wiped the sweat from his brow and gave her a friendly grin, "Thanks." he said, "I haven't seen you around, where are you from?"

Artemis ignored his question and asked, "Why was that guy hitting you?"

The boy laughed, "Because I stole this." he fished out a shiny trinket from his pants and held it out with pride.

Artemis looked at him with shock, "But stealing is wrong." she said.

He laughed, "Ah so you're a goody goody type girl."

"No I'm not." she retorted crossly, folding her arms together and childishly pouting.

"Yes you are." he replied, "Besides sometimes stealing is good." he shrugged his shoulders.

"Stealing is never good." she stated firmly.

"Have you ever read Robin Hood?" the boy asked, sitting down next to her, "He's a thief that steals for the poor."

Artemis looked at him curiously, "So who do you steal for?"

"It's a secret." he said pressing his finger to his lips.

The two sat in silence for a while. Finally Artemis spoke up again, "Is stealing fun?"

He rubbed his nose and grinned mischievously, "Yup. Wanna try it?"

Artemis hesitated in her answer. She wanted so badly to say no, to prove to herself that she was a good girl, but the word yes was tugging at her lips. What would her mother say if she knew that her precious daughter had sunk so low as to steal from people? She'd be so ashamed, but Artemis couldn't say no, she could feel butterflies in her stomach and a big spark pounding loudly throughout her body, "Is it okay?" she asked timidly.

"Of course." he said, extending out his hand, "By the way, I'm Robin Hood, but you can call me Kaito." he grinned.

Artemis looked in awe at the boy, "Robin hood?" she echoed, confused.

"Yeah, when you become as cool a thief as I am, you need an awesome name that everyone will remember." he boasted.

"Oh, well what's mine then?" she asked.

Kaito shrugged, "I don't know yet, we first have to see if you're cut out to be a thief. A goody goody like you doesn't seem like you'd make a good thief." he said.

And that was the start of her beautiful friendship with the boy. He taught her to be graceful in stealing and the ways of thievery. Kaito helped her develop her own style to stealing. He introduced her to the peoples of the underground- a place she never would have known existed if she hadn't saved him. A whole new world had opened up to her, a world filled with fun, danger, excitement. Her whole purpose in life had changed as a new person was born. She wasn't bound to the boring and dull life of an aristocrat, her destiny had taken a new turn and she had found a place to fit in.

And she became known as the Tigress.

Artemis Nightingale stood in her room glaring daggers at her mirror; as if somehow by doing so her outfit might magically burn to ashes. The ebony haired teen was clad in a pink strapless dress that fanned out at the bottom resembling a bell shape with a few layers of white ruffles underneath. To complement the outfit a pink collar and a pink headband with an over sized bow had been supplied. Although Artemis found many faults with her dress she was pleased with the fact that the dress was so ridiculous that it would repel every male with raging hormones in sight.

"Lady Artemis?"

Artemis heard a soft voice call out from behind her door. She sighed and walked swiftly over and opened her door. She quirked a brow and asked "Yes?"

The maid seemed startled at Artemis' sudden appearance, but quickly remembered her place and bowed before stammering "M-Mistress Talia is awaiting your presence outside. She sent me to fetch you."

Artemis pursed her lips; she had been trying to avoid this event ever since her step-mother had mentioned it to her. In a lame attempt to stall time, Artemis walked as slowly as possible , telling the maid how she had never really took the time to appreciate all the fine arts that decorated the French colonial styled mansion. She actually stopped her maid each time they passed a painting or a vase or a statue to 'admire' its beauty.

"Please Lady Artemis, we must hurry!" Marta stressed, after having to stop for the fifteenth time so Artemis could complement another useless item. They were so close to the stairs, just a little bit further and then Artemis would be someone else's problem and not hers.

Artemis let out a depressed sigh and gave Marta a pleading sort of 'help me' facial expression. When her pout didn't work Artemis reluctantly gave in and allowed Marta to escort her quickly to the main entrance where her mother and driver were waiting.

"Hurry up." Talia said, shaking her head in disappointment towards her step-daughter. She didn't wait for Artemis to respond. She slid gracefully into the car, wrapping her midnight blue shawl tight around her slim figure.

Artemis rolled her eyes and entered the jet black car in a vulgar fashion. She heard her mother scoff and inwardly smiled to herself.

The night had only just begun.

Ending Song:

Brand New Day

by Ryan Star

This is a story eclipse and I made together. It started out as a role play, but then I wanted to take it further. Kira and some of the Kira moments belong to EclipticShadow. Artemis and Artemis moments belong to me.

This story takes place in the 21st Century but it's along the line of AU. But please don't let that stop you from reading!!!

Okay I realize that the first four paragraphs were dull and congratulate you if you read them. It's just that I needed a lame introduction to fill you in. I promise in a couple of chapters things will get interesting so don't give up on me yet! Our role play has been written out to about 15000 words so there will be many chapters to come. I promise it won't be boring. Just the first two chapters and then things start moving.


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