"Richie I love you!"

What is love?

This was the twelfth time today. Richie sat in History class praying for it to be over already. Valentines Day. Oh how she hated it! Mind as well say " Ha Fuck you single losers" Or a guy saying ' I love you" to his girlfriend just to get some sex. While she's thinking he's the one forever and ever. I bet he WILL be the one denying the baby and calling her every name in the book if she wind up pregnant. Guys…

"What a load of -"

"RICHIE!" Someone screamed her name.

Turning her head around Richie came face to face with the Trey Demero, walking behind him was Andrew Morris.

Trey, one of the most popular guys in the school. Also her enemy. Its now senior year and since they were freshman he's been trying to turn her to the dark side. One or two has gotten a date every year but that's about it.

"Hey baby! Where's my V-day kiss?"

Not being able to pass up a chance to get a rile out of him, Richie got out of her seat and wrapped her arms around his neck. Her breathe right by his ear, he shivered. She then deiced to turn it up a little by kissing along his neck, even ran her tongue across it. Dully noted that there was no sound in the classroom at the moment all eyes where on her. Richie felt Trey hands sliding up her shirt and groping her ass. Deciding enough was enough. She pulled back out of his reach and gave him a grin as if nothing ever happened.

"Trey." she nodded her head toward him and picked up her books to go. Andrew was rooted there to the spot. Richie glanced up and gave a half smile to him " Andy". The bell rang and she picked up her things and walked out.



The library was a home away from home. Everything she was familiar with. No surprises just how she liked it. The first floor was cold, had the smell of stale books and dust. Perfect.

Richie barely noticed anything going on . Grabbing a book called " Titanic" by James Cameron. She sat down in the back and began reading. Ironic enough, even though she didn't believe in love at all, there was moments when she wished to get whisked away. But before she could ever get carried away she was brought back into the real world.

A chair scrapped against the floor and slid back judging by the axe smell a young man taking a seat beside her.

"Never pegged you as the romantic" the stranger spoke tilting his head to the side.

Richie was a little caught off guard. Staring back at her was Andrew Morris. Almost at a lost of words but she quickly found her mouth.

" This isn't a romance it's a undignified murder" She commented. Soon as the words left he mouth she felt sudden tension. Andrew sat up straighter and kept his eyes glued on hers.

" Why would it be a undignified murder? Are we talking about the same book?" Andy asked. Gently prying open the book he skimmed though it to make sure it was similar to the movie since he doesn't read much. After school he followed Richie hoping to give her a V-day card, little did he know she'd go to a library.

Richie huffed and then explained what she meant.

" Rose was small enough she could have moved over and shared the board or at least die together. Instead she hogs it and the love of her life dies and when she says 'I'll never let you go' she lets him go? He died for a selfish bitch if you asked me" Richie finished her statement up. Smiling proudly at the shocked face she received from Andy. He stayed quiet for a moment then opened and closed his mouth.

" So what is love to you Richie?" He asked

" Its when you don't push someone in the water as there dying" she says sarcastically.

Andy rolled his eyes muttered something under his breathe and stood up to leave. As he stood up a card fell from his pocket and he didn't realize it. Richie picked it up to hand it back to him but in purple letters it had her name on it. 'RICHIE'

Quickly she opened it and just stared at the card, it was a note.

Love was simple until I met Richie, everything seems complicated with her. (Crossed out)

Richie, I love you ( Crossed out)

I like a challenge

I'm in it to win

Sticking with you

From begging to end (crossed out)

Richie looked at the useless card. Obviously it wasn't to be given to her. Maybe it was like post-it-notes. She closed the paper and on the other side of it read

Richie favorites

Word: Shit

Flowers: Plastic

Chocolate: Kit Kats

Color: Clear

Everything on the card was true. Just staring at the words made it even more hard to believe ' Andy's in love with me?'

AN:( this was written in 2 hours) I'm pretty sure this will stay a one shot. I have no idea where I would go with this. I just wanted to write a story and post it! J I hope it wasn't too unsettling in a bad way. I like the term. Some words are to be left unsaid.