She sits in her driveway

As I slowly drive away

Mascara running eye to cheek

Return I never may

Off to see who I am

Turn a light on in this dark

Off to find who I may be

Before my soul departs

Down the dark and dreary street

I stumble from a bar

2:12 am my clock reads

As I close the car door

I close my eyes

My body trembles from the cold

No gas to fuel the heat

Only have I thought

Is the misery beneath

Find a job

But lose it fast

Working doesn't work

When you're trashed

Car was towed

Sleep on a bench

Next roof ill have

God only knows

I awake to dark blue

Hard hit to the chest

A cop says sir

Get off the bench

A man walks up

As I bleed

I feel from the bench

And cut my knee

He helps me up

I look and see

The man asks if I'm ok

I say I'm fine have a nice day

I go to walk

Fall on my face

He points and says

There's a free clinic this way

We walk and talk

As I explain

I plan to find myself someday

I get stitched up

And the man says

Find yourself

You never will

Not at the bottom

Of any ale

I sit down on the curb and wait

This man he must have been fate

I look up at the sun and sky

And think of her

When I said goodbye

I walk for days

Hitched some rides

Look up and see

The stars fly by

The car its stops

I step out

Look up and see her house

And finally realized

I found myself

In her eyes

That was me

Ring the bell

The door it swings

Her mother blinks

The tears they flow

Down her face

She tells me dear

Please come with me

I walk in fear

She sits me down

As she explains

My love is gone

She did drown

2 years ago

When I had left

She slit her wrists

And drowned to death

I left to go and find myself

Before my soul departs

To find myself in my love

But no love to hold my heart

Her tomb stone I did visit next

I feel to my knees to cry

My love I'm back

I've found myself

He slit his wrists

And died

His soul departed

To be with hers

These deaths were both in vain

For if he looked into the dark

He would have found his heart

He would have seen a little light

With his heart her hands around