From her womb

You may have come

Her hands

The first you've held

Her voice the first

In your ears rang

Her touch

The first you felt

She may be

The one you love

But she's also the one

The one that makes your eyes run

With water all night long

When the bruise that's there

Upon your leg

The pain it does prolong

The only one that makes you cry

Drags you down inside

Rips your heart from your chest

And stamps it on the floor

Take my hands

For they are soft

No marks I swear they'll leave

Listen, my voice is calm

Let it drown hers like rustling leaves

Let me stroke your skin

So scared

Let me take down all the bars

Let me show you I am safe

Let me heal the heart she's chaffed

Come with me to my house

Make it be your home

Everything that is mine

Make it be your own

She gave you life

But now you suffer

And true I can't

Replace a mother

But see her as

I see her now

The smiling face

It's just a cover

Her hands are soaked

In blood and tears

All from you

Collected from years

They will not wash

They will not clear

My hands are clean

Let me hold you near

Let me show you

What happiness is

I mean no harm

Trust in me

I hope you may

For I can steal

Your breath away

It's only fair

In my defense

For me to steal your breath

Cause from the day

That I saw you

My heart with you

You've kept

So please my dear

Turn away

Your house is broke

Drowned in dismay

She may have given

Life to you

But stolen she has to

But if you trust me

Take my hand

I'll give it back to you