This is not you
Why would you say that?

You're so blind
I wish you could see
The truth in my words
Sincerity, prosperity

Said I wish you could hear
All those whispered thoughts
To say this was laughable
But I think it's time you heard:

Your star will shine so bright
Brighter than mine
Brighter than ours
Brighter than hers

You have been our rock
Your strength was all we had
And what the ballerina did to you
It tortured us, too
The fault is only hers

That which comes from my lips
'Tis not but the truth
Wishing your eyes would open
Drink in the beauty all around

I wish you'd seen me drowning
Every day, I do
I was raised up
For that, I thank you

The fear, the chaos
You chased away the demons
But for all that is, your blind eye was turned
You're left with no way to believe me

Can't say what I've done
But hope to right my wrongs
If I am behind it all
My tarnished hands will pay

You helped me shine
You set me free
You are always there for me
I hope to be just like thee