Look at me, look at you

I see you for who you are

You look at me but do not ever really see

I plead and beg with not hope in sight

You're kind without fault, and you're always polite

But once were alone I can see the truth

It was all just a show to get her like you

Why can't you look at me like that

With love in your eyes

You go after girls who are cruel

While I sit by and watch with nothing to do

I've tried all I know, and I've cried for too long

If only I could forget you and just move on

Im tired of hearing "She's to shy"

And "she isn't my type"

If you would look closely

you would see we are so very alike

but I know in my heart

no matter how hard I fight

you'll always look threw me

there is no end in sight

I don't need your approval to be happy anymore

I don't need your acceptance to be who I am

Im gonna smile when I want

Gonna laugh at things I shouldn't

Not gonna care that im not good enough for you

Gonna make stupid comments, and have crazy messed up hair

Gonna say things that sound stupid and I wont care

Maybe someday you'll realize what you missed out on

And hopefully by then ill be over you

Because if I have to work so hard to win you heart

Maybe your heart ain't worth it in the end