Imagine a serpent
concealed in a rock
its scales dark as slate.
It has venom that intoxicates
and sharpens the mind, perhaps;
intelligence is intensified
and merits occasional admiration...

.If you ask me its poor compensation.

Imagine a girl
at the back of the class
her head a-swirl
as students en-mass
mill around her, their shrill cacophony
threatening to drown her in a sea of humanity.

...A fish out of water, the greatest humility.

Few friendships for her,
but she's not entirely alone;
she's found her companions, hidden in tomes,
realms that fire her imagination
inspiring her to worlds of her own creation,

...Silas Marner's gold was a similar sensation.

They did not mean to be unkind,
when they called her 'weird' or 'odd';
they were simply blind.
The serpent that strangles the heart
knows how to hide.

...perhaps they feared the serpent's bite?

They saw a strange girl
with her nose in a book
lost in her own world
but not oblivious to their looks
or to the whispers behind raised hands...

they don't mean to be cruel, but they do not understand.

She knew she was smart,
knew she might excel
but those coils aroundher heart
became her own personal hell;
a poison that spreads and must be endured...

...cancer is kinder; it kills or is cured.

There are days she begrudges
each torturous gasp
for she is the stone
that conceals the asp
that has taken control

...until it is purged how can she ever be whole?

Though now that the tension's
drawn an end to her rope
there's a chance of redemption;
a glimmer of hope...
a glance, a smile, a touch, a kiss...

...What is Asperger's compared to this?