Ok, I realize that the topic of vampires is a little stale, but I have tried to make it crisp and satisfying. I hope it is interesting so far. Both comments and critique are welcome.


The bite is like the poison, tainting your blood, and slowly consuming you with the maddening fire that is thirst. It's not enough. Your hunger envelopes you until nothing can satisfy, and then...you die.

The blood is like the cure; the remedy. It cools the fire in your veins, if only for a moment. Yet, in the process, your body dies, for that is just one of the many prices that come with immortality. Your body dies, and you become as if you were truly dead; your voice silenced forever, your heart frozen in a sleep of eternity. You will never be loved again.

Which would you choose? The bite, or the blood? Choose wisely, for the bite, it would seem, would kill you quicker, but as for the blood...you'd only have an eternity to figure it out.