That always comes first
The suck
Of tongue entering mouth
His pulling mine
Inside to explore
Along the ridges
Circle the canines
Suck his tongue back into my mouth
My own breath

He taught me
I don't need my mind in this or even my heart
I need to feel the buds of his tongue on my soul lapping away
His lips so full pressed
Into my own breathing my carbon
Denying oxygen
For the pleasure

His eyes are what captured
Those feral gazes
The rasp of his voice on my ear
What do you see inside me he asks
I lie
Say nothing
I can't admit
I see myself tangled in his skin
On white cotton sheets

The pull of his mouth
On my fingers
Tasting each knuckle
Passing over his tongue
He is a cat, an animal, a beast
Always his tongue passes over
My taste
Drinks my scent
Growls into the pores

The palm
He reads it with his kisses
The wrist
Turning wrapping circles up the column
Tasting the hollow
Of my elbow
Up the arm
Collar bone, shoulder
Mapping my bones
Marking the clichés
Bite marks
Purple bruises
Over my neck

He deviates
Finds the ridge of chin
My cheeks wet
Under his kisses
My nose
The line of eyebrow
The flutter of my lashes
My ear
Its lobe tugged and soothed
With his murmurs
A blind man learning to hear
By following the cartilage
He whimpers
How I love your scent
And bathes himself in it
Another cliché

I raise my eyebrows
He grabs me
Pulls me back
To his front
Whispers secrets one
Mind to another
His hands are lost
Inside the folds of clothes
He is ripping my shirt apart
Clutching buttons and shreds
Soft lace
Gasping at my naked on his breath

I turn him guide
That mouth
On the trail of my fire
Feel that raspy tongue promise against my breasts
I fumble with the material of his shirt

I taste his body
On the flat of my tongue
I become obsessed with touching every hair
Finding every crack of exposed skin
I kiss along the knuckles

We will not map all of our skin
We are too impatient

He grabs the loops
Of my skirt lifts
Me against the wall
He tears the fabric
And I find the metal buttons loops ties
Push down on him
Let him escape
Before he sinks inside

It doesn't hurt
Only a tiny resistance
A shock of new skin
Entering old
He has been taunting
Me too long
My body has been waiting

We are animals
Every cliché
Liquid fire
A perfect moment
Where nothing moves or matters or changes
And time crawls
Under each thrust
Until sobbing
I become lost
And all I can do is sigh
Tired kitten
In his arms
As we drag across the room
To those white
Cotton sheets
His tongue rasping
Against my own in a silent
Thank you